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What is the Best Age for Kids to Start Using a Cell Phone?


There are many different opinions amongst parents concerning the best time for their children to start using mobile phones. Many parents feel extremely secure offering a phone to their young kids because it helps them stay in touch with their little ones. Other parents are wary to give their children phones because of a lack of trust and modern-day mobile dangers. Let’s dive into talking about modern-day phone use and how parents can help their children.


Modern-Day Mobile Phone Use

spy tracking application

Teens are constantly texting and using social media.

It is true that a mobile phone can really help in keeping the channel of communication open between kids and parents. However, modern-day mobile devices aren’t just mobile phones. With the advent of smartphones, inappropriate Internet use, sexting, and cyberbullying have become household issues in this society. This is why it makes sense to spend a little time pondering over when you should buy your child’s first smartphone.

Today’s sophisticated mobile phones are capable of opening up a whole new world through the Internet. Surprisingly, these days, kids are starting to surf the Internet and visit different social media websites at a very young age. For example, Facebook has created a Messenger Kids app which is targeted towards kids 6-12 years old. This app exposes young children to the world of Facebook and social media before they can even join.

It’s true that there are many benefits of using the internet from such a young age. However, the problem is that just like the real world, this virtual world is also full of online criminals waiting to prey on these young children. As many of you already know, cyber crime involving young children has been increasing rapidly over last few years. These criminals include sexual predators, identity thieves, and hackers.The easiest way they can target children is through messaging apps and social media platforms.

With modern-day mobile phone use and its dangers, it is important that parents be wary when they give their child their first phone.


How Can A Parent Help With Their Child’s Phone Use?

spy tracking application

How is your child using their phone?

Use A Spy Tracking Application

In today’s age, stopping kids from using their mobile phones is certainly not the solution. In fact, a smarter solution would be to monitor their mobile phone use until they’re responsible enough. This can easily be done using any of the cell phone spy tracking applications available in the market.

There is one cell phone spy tracking application called Auto Forward that has been used by many parents with great satisfaction. By using this program, you can easily track whatever your son or daughter is doing on their mobile phone. In addition to monitoring calls, text messages, videos and images taken, and websites visited, Auto Forward will also allow you to track the physical location of the phone. This tracking feature comes in handy if you want to make sure your child is where they should be.

Many parents prefer using Auto Forward because this program can be installed on and spy on cell phone without having physical access. Therefore, it’s much easier for you to monitor your child secretly without them knowing.

No parent wants to spy on their children. However, if your child has their first phone, it’s necessary to use a cell phone spy tracking application. It’s a parent’s responsibility to protect their kid from external dangers in life and help them use their phone properly.


Teach Your Child How to Use a Cell Phone

According to a study done by Influence Central, most children get their first cell phone around ages 10-12. Most of these children use mobile phones on a regular basis to make calls, send and receive texts, and access social media websites of their choice. It is extremely important for today’s parents to ensure that their kids know how to use their phone properly.

Besides the phone basics, parents need to teach their children how to use social media, browse the internet safely, and the dangers of the world wide web. The most common social media channels kids use are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and WhatsApp.

Here are some online best practices to teach your child:
  1. Only friend/follow and communicate with people on social media that you know.
  2. If you’re chatting with someone, do not give away any personal information, such as your address or phone number.
  3. If someone suspicious is contacting you or you are being cyberbullied, tell a parent or authority figure.
  4. Do not post anything with vulgar language, nudity, and alcohol.
  5. Think before you post, click on a link, or watch a video.   

This list can go on and on, but these are the key things you will want to teach your child about being safe online. By teaching your child these practices and how to properly use their phone, you are saving them from online dangers.

Before teaching the above to your child, it’s important to find out how they are presently using their phone. Using Auto Forward spy tracking application will provide you with a clear understanding of your child’s way of using their phone. A large number of parents use this software to ensure a safe digital experience to their children.

Hopefully, after using a spy software and teaching them the best practices, your child will do the right things on their cell phone.



So, the big question, what is the best age for kids to start using a cell phone? The answer: it’s up to you. It depends on a variety of factors like age, lifestyle, maturity, responsibility, and need. So, if you’re considering giving your child their first phone, think about it before you take such a big step.

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