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So, it’s “Midwinter Recess” for many schools across the country. Thousands of kids are enjoying yet another week off from their studies. But what exactly are they doing? Where are they going? Who’s looking after them? Can they be trusted? And should you have installed a telephone spy app on your kids’ phones?


midwinter break no school telephone spy


While a good amount of moms and dads take off during this week, most can’t. The American public school system has so many observed holidays on its schedule, that a majority of parents couldn’t possibly stay home for every one. Think about it: Labor Day, Columbus Day, Election Day, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving break, Martin Luther King Day, President’s Day/Winter Recess week, Parent/Teacher conferences, snow days, Spring Break…. Do these kids ever actually have school?! Working moms and dads have to exhaust their sick and vacation days just to be home for their kids—and it’s not even summer break yet!

midwinter break no school telephone spy


There’s always something to worry about when you have kids.

The only way to handle the multitude of school recesses and holidays is to have someone else watch your child. Now, if you have a relative nearby, then you are lucky. However, if you have to hire someone or put your kids in daycare or camp, then you’re probably paying out the wazoo. Especially if you have several kids. But let’s say you have a lot of dough. That money is not an obstacle. Then you have no worries, right? Wrong.


midwinter break no school telephone spy


There are a lot of irresponsible or downright bad people out there. Many offer up their services to parents. You never know how a person is going to react to your children. And you can’t know if that person is even a good one. There are hundreds of horror stories a year about a babysitter or nanny beating a child or leaving a young one alone or shirking their responsibilities altogether. That’s why a lot of parents install nanny cams in their homes. But truth be told, that’s not enough.


midwinter break no school telephone spy

Install a telephone spy app to complement your nanny cam.

There are no surefire ways to protect your kids from the baddies of the world. Nanny cams, smartphone monitoring software, friends and neighbors—all help in keeping them safe. But none of them are 100% perfect. That’s why it’s wise to incorporate all of the above to watch over your loved ones. While nanny cams are the champion of the house, telephone spy apps rule in monitoring the digital world. They allow you to see who your kids are communicating with via calls, texts, emails, social media, and more. It’s an ideal way to protect them from pedophiles, bullies, trolls, scammers, and other ill-meaning individuals.

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