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Future of Tracking Software: Microchipping Employees?

Many employers are jumping on the bandwagon of using tracking software to keep tabs on company provided devices. Knowing our society, ways to monitor employees in the workplace will evolve and become more technologically advanced.

Recently, a Wisconsin vending company decided to test out microchipping employees who volunteered. Here’s everything you need to know about this trending story.

What’s The Story

The Wisconsin vending company, Three Square Market, is trying out its latest microchipping technology on their employees. For now, only employees who voluntarily agree are getting microchipped. The microchip allows the employees to gain access to the company building, make company vending machine purchases, log into computers, and use office equipment. It’s unknown whether the company will make microchipping its employees mandatory.

Based on this information, microchipping technology sounds very interesting. However, is it safe and secure? We will have to see.

Dangers of Microchipping Employees

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Would you agree to be microchipped?

Using microchipping technology on people is in its infancy. As a result, there are dangers that could arise while testing out this technology.

These risks include:

  • Infection at the site of the microchip
  • The chip being vulnerable to hackers
  • Chip Information not being secure and backed up. Ex: Credit Card information

These are just a few of the general risks. While microchipping employees advances, a serious point to consider is if employers would eventually be able to track their employees.

Microchipping: The Future of Tracking Software?

Who knows! After reading about exactly what this microchip can do, it wouldn’t be surprising! A company using a microchip as a tracking software to monitor an employee’s work, social media activity, texts, calls, and emails. It sounds like it’s from a science fiction movie, but in today’s society, could possibly be a reality.

It’s amazing how technology keeps advancing every day! Want to learn more about tracking software and the latest technological advances? Ready our other blogs on Mobile Spy World.

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