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Tracking Cyberbullies With Spy Mobile Apps

Spy mobile apps exist not only for those with investigative purposes but for parents in particular, who are so alarmed by the recently growing issue of online harassment or popularly known as cyberbullying. As children are well-provided of mobile phones for easy communication especially in times of emergency, they too have been prone to online activities, not all entertaining because some are as detrimental as being victims of cyberbullies.

Who are Cyberbullies?

Cyberbullies are people who harass, humiliate or threaten a target online, usually using social media websites as venue for bullying; the reason being varying depending on the “root cause” of conflict. They could also be hiding behind anonymity, coming up with fake accounts to do such.

Remember that whatever your child posts or implies on any social media website could be uses against him/her. It only takes a screenshot for a cyberbully to circulate pictures made as memes or ridiculed for unfortunate reasons. Cyberbullies are out there and you will never know when they strike therefore it is best prepared. It leaves a certain mark which could ruin your child’s reputation instantly with judgments and negative connotations. Your child could be sufferer or a perpetrator that you would definitely not know of without concrete evidences.

Consequently, monitoring mobile activities of children namely messages, emails, web searches, call logs, photos, videos, GPS location and most importantly social media website doings, is a wise move in order to track cyberbullies. Here comes applications that solely extract all essential mobile information (offline and online) which concretely provides over-all understanding on whereabouts of child.

Today’s Most Commendable Spy Apps

I could name just about 5 of today’s commendable spy apps that work to spy iPhone and Android units of all operating system. Although you may want to read more of these from the same website I mentioned earlier.

  • Highster Mobile (best iPhone spy software together with Auto Forward which does not require jailbreaking on all Apple products)
  • DDI Utilities (works also as data back up and lost files retrieval together with Auto Forward)
  • Easy Spy
  • SurePoint Spy
  • Auto Forward

There is also one website which does individual background checks including phone records, called Hero Searches that only requires name of target.

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