A Tinderella Story: How One Twitter Selfie Sparked an Online Romance that is Breaking the Internet

There’s a new romance that’s trying to break the Internet and it all began with a profile pic on Tinder. A young college student named Mark Kowalczyk was looking for love on the popular dating website when a profile picture caught his eye. It was an ordinary selfie of a cute blonde girl. However, what really got his attention wasn’t so much the girl (at first), but the location.

Yes, that’s right, the picture was snapped in Mark’s very own bathroom. The thing is, he had no idea who the girl was! So, he did what any other person does these days: he took to Twitter. Mark tweeted the Tinder-girl’s bathroom selfie beside one of himself in his bathroom and the Internet took notice.

Immediately comments started to come in—first from friends, then friends of friends, and then complete strangers. That tweet received over 50,000 likes and 13,000 retweets overnight. Then, the girl got wind of it all—after being tagged by a friend—and she replied to Mark.

Now, the whole world is invested. People from all over began commenting—with many of them rooting for this to be a match made in online heaven.

The story behind the Tinder college romance.

It turns out that college cuties Matt Kowalczyk and Jenna Zagrodniczek are both students at West Virginia University. The thing is that neither one of them knew the other—at least, not until now. As it turned out, Matt and his roommates were having a party at their off-campus house, and Jenna came with friends. Jenna decided that she wanted to snap a shot of herself in the bathroom mirror. She eventually used that as her Tinder profile picture. Then Matt saw that picture on Tinder. The rest is history in the making.

Did the couple actually match on Tinder?

The Tweet, the Tinder, and the serendipitous nature of the entire experience, has got every young heart asking, “Was it a match?” Well, it turns out that it was! They’ve been messaging back and forth ever since and plan to meet up this Halloween. Mark even said that they might “take a picture together in the bathroom!”

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