Time Off: Does it Help or Hurt Productivity? How to Monitor Your Employees with Cell Phone Spy Software.

The most important thing about being a business owner is being able to take a step back and evaluate what works and what doesn’t work for your company. Vacation time and time off is one of those things that varies from business to business and is often a source for negotiation. Some employers feel that vacation time allows their employers to recharge and rejuvenates themselves, but some other employers feel it distracts from the tasks at hand. In order to make sure they’re still doing their job there are many ways to monitor employees, but the best being using cell phone spy software to get the job done.

The big theory recently is that taking breaks and going on vacations could actually be the secret to increasing the productivity in your company. Employees are often susceptive to burning out when given no time off to relax themselves and release their feelings of burn out. By giving your employees extra days off and longer breaks during the work day you can inevitably save the productivity in your office. I know this sounds counterproductive, give them more time off to get more work done, but apparently it works. As stated by entrepreneur.com,

“Vacations have been shown to lead to significantly higher performance upon return to the job. The energizing ingredients are time away from stressors (you need two weeks to get the recuperative benefits from burnout) and mastery and social experiences while on vacation that build competence and social connection.”

As a boss you should encourage your employees to take this time off and discourage the feelings off a less dedicated stereotype if they take the time off. Many people feel that they will be perceived as lazy or less productive, which is definitely not the case. For a short-term fix a nap could do the job too. Don’t encourage sleeping the whole work day away, but allow for a 25 to 30 minute power nap to help your employees feel more refreshed. According to forbes.com, companies like Google and AOL are encouraging naps by introducing nap rooms and napping pods for employees to use during the day.

Productivity is the main concern of every businessman or woman today. At the end of the day it’s all about the bottom line and not allowing negative effects to be imposed on it. I know the idea of giving more time off and more freedom to your employees work days seems like a scary, unproductive thought, but by using a cell phone monitoring program like Auto Forward you can monitor what your employees are doing when they’re working. This will let you make sure that they’re not taking advantage of the extended free time. Auto Forward will be able to track all text messages, calls, social media activity and more, allowing you to see exactly how much time your employee is devoting to your company and their free time.

Now a day’s business is about give and take and making sure you do the best for your company. The best way for you to make sure what you’re doing for the company is yielding the best results is by utilizing the features that Auto Forward offers.

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