teen nude selfies

The Naked Truth About Teen Girls and Nude Selfies

Teen girls and nude selfies—what’s the deal?! Every day, some teenage girl takes a nude picture of herself with her cell phone. And every day some dumb teen girl takes a nude selfie and sends it to another person! Why? Why would they do that? We all know what’s going to happen after she sends that naked photo. It’s going to get shown to someone. And then it will get shown to someone else. And then so on and so on. Even worse, it may eventually get shared on the internet for every stranger and their perverted uncle to see.

teen girls and nude selfies

Snapping nudes of oneself and then sending it to another person is one of the stupidest things a person can do—and yet, girls keep doing it! Again, we have to ask “Why?”

teen girls and nude selfies

See me. Hear me. Love me.

There are two types of mindsets out there when it comes to teenage girls—those who think they’re hot and those who think they’re not (but they really want to be). The truth is that almost everyone in the world wants to be liked. Part of being liked—a big part actually—is being found physically attractive. No one wants to be found visually pleasing more than your average teenage girl. And today’s teen girl is even worse—thanks in large part to the smartphone and social media.

The internet is the place where everyone posts their photos, thoughts, dreams, quotes, memories, etc., all in hopes of garnering likes, retweets, forwards, shares, pins—you name it! Social media is rampant with hotshots and wannabes—and the smartphone is their way to get there.

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Protect your loved one with an iPhone spy app.

Look, you can talk to your teen until you are blue in the face, but you can never be sure they’re listening. Sure they say they’re listening—and maybe they are—but the fact is that they’re going to screw up. They’re teens. Teens mess up all the time. Think about teenage you! Think about how different life would’ve been if social media and an iPhone existed back in your teenage years. Scary, right?!

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So knowing what you know about life. And knowing what you know about teens. Don’t you think it would be best to do everything in your power to protect your teenager from making a big mistake? Well, that’s why you need to install a high-quality iPhone spy app on their phone today!

There are hundreds of different iPhone monitoring software programs on the market today, but none are as reliable and affordable as Auto Forward. The Auto Forward iPhone spy app is being used by thousands of moms and dads to safely keep tabs on their children from afar. They use it to check every photo sent and received on their teen’s iPhone. They also use it to spy on every text, e-mail, and call. One of the growing uses of a good mobile spy app like Auto Forward is to monitor what their teens are doing on social media. After all, one inappropriate Tweet, Snapchat post or Facebook rant could land a teen in hot water.

So if you want to keep an eye on a daughter who may be tempted to take a nude selfie and send it to someone, do yourself and your family a big favor and look into Auto Forward as soon as possible.

5 cold hard facts about teen girls and nude selfies:

  1. 40% of teenage girls do it as a joke.
  2. 34% do so in order to feel sexy.
  3. 20% do it because they feel pressured.
  4. 55% share them with more than one person.
  5. 15% of nude or semi-nude posters sent pics to people they never met in the flesh.

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