Auto Forward iPhone spy

The Benefits of Auto Forward iPhone Spy

If you have a family member who owns an iPhone, then you need to install Auto Forward iPhone Spy on their phone immediately. Auto Forward is the number one choice for parents, employers and other individuals who want to keep track of someone else’s iPhone. Auto Forward users all over the world have raved about its reliability in helping them keep a watchful eye on those they love or put their trust in.

Auto Forward iPhone spy

Who uses Auto Forward?

Parents, bosses, and everyday people use Auto Forward cell phone tracking for various reasons. It’s an incredibly powerful tool that is affordable, reliable, and completely undetectable.

Parents. Moms and dads trust Auto Forward iPhone monitoring software to help them keep an eye on their kids wherever they are. Those who have teenagers know how reckless they can be. Auto Forward lets them make sure that their teenagers aren’t posting nude selfies, texting while driving, being bullied—or doing the bullying—on social media, and more. Auto Forward is the perfect aide for protecting children from sexual predators, hackers, and scam artists as well. It gives a parent the ultimate fly-on-the-wall experience they so desire so that they can make sure that the most important things in their lives stay in their lives.

Employers. Auto Forward is the ideal choice for any business owner or manager who has entrusted iPhones and iPads to their employees. It allows them to make sure their workers are getting their jobs done and not fooling around. Many use it to ensure that drivers and traveling salespeople are where they are supposed to be. Auto Forward also comes in handy for seeing how employees use the devices. Are they just surfing the net all day? Sexting with minors? Emailing confidential company documents? Auto Forward is the perfect right-hand man for keeping the troops in line.

Significant Others. Husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends—all use Auto Forward to make sure the other is safe and sound when out and about. If a spouse becomes unreachable for some reason, the other can check their phone’s activity in order to make certain that they are alive and well. If someone was heading to an event and forgot to let their spouse know they arrived, the other party can confirm their location via a GPS locator. The can also make sure that hackers and scammers aren’t trying to get to their loved ones by double checking their email and contacts.

Auto Forward iPhone spy

Auto Forward iPhone spy comes with a plethora of features that don’t require you to be a rocket scientist to use. After just three easy steps, you can be up and running within minutes. Just purchase, install, and start monitoring right away.

Auto Forward lets you:

  • Browse every website visited.
  • View all calls.
  • Check emails.
  • Read text messages.
  • Monitor social media activity.
  • Set up keyword alerts.
  • See every picture taken, sent or deleted.
  • Read iMessages.
  • Monitor running apps.
  • Lock the phone remotely.
  • Track the physical whereabouts.
  • Watch every video on the device.
  • Remotely uninstall the app
  • See every app installed.

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