Technological Development? Consider Auto Forward Spy

For many years, technology has been on the rise, it has shaped the way people do many things and it has helped grow many industries.  Communication is one such an industry that has immensely improved due to the growth of technology.  People are able to talk to each other as if they were in the same room while they are miles away.  The world has become a global village due to communication technology growth.  This has led to children’s exposure to a lot of things.  Things that were previously hidden are now out in the open for anyone with a laptop, Mobile phone or tablet and some WIFI to access.

This has led to a lot of moral decadence especially among the teens because of unrestricted Internet access. Whatever the teenagers want to know they can just ‘google’ and they will access it all despite their age. Internet access is single-handedly destroying young minds and morals. This easy accessibility is making it harder for guardians to monitor their children’s online activity, but all hope is not lost, for there is a way for the concerned guardians to keep in check what their children are exposed to online. There is a way to curb this moral decadence that is plaguing young minds.

Auto Forward Spy, is software created by brilliant minds to help guardians keep a record and keep up with what their children are doing online. Cell phone gps tracking by phone number. This software is easily downloaded and installed in a device and used to target another, android or iPhone device, that’s in use by the teens that are the target of monitoring.  The software allows the user to access the targeted device’s web history to keep track of all the sites and webpages that their children have visited. This will help the guardian keeps their children in check in terms to safe sites to visit.

The software allows the guardian to predesignate words that could be searched for online by their children and set up alerts every time these words are searched.  This will allow the guardian to know if and when they were searched, how many times and by what device. Cell phone spy without target phone. The software also allows for the blocking of such predesignated words.  Every time these words are entered as searches, the device blocks the search and all sites bearing these words.

The software allows the user access to the social media sites that the targeted device user visits any anytime. Social platforms are not entirely innocent.  These days they have become a hub for pornographic material and they are readily available to all their users.  This is one reason to monitor social media sites.  Another reason is because of the rampant and rising trend of cyber bullying.  It might seem harmless but it carries great weight and dire consequences to those on the receiving side.  Many teens have fallen prey to cyber bullies who take advantage of the anonymity that the Internet offers to torment these teenagers. Cell phone spy software remote installation. They post insulting messages on the teens’ pages and profile walls, insulting their physical characteristics or social flaws as well as mocking any disabilities they may have. Having a guardian keeping track of their child’s social media presence and activities serves a watchdog role to protect them from such unseemly attacks on their psychological and emotional selves.

Auto Forward Spy, proves to be an ally to all guardians looking to safeguard their children from the dark side of the internet.  Making it easy to monitor your child’s activity is a priority for Auto Forward Spy, and from internet monitoring to call logs and text/SMS messages monitoring, it has accomplished all that.

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