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Tracking Cyberbullies With Spy Mobile Apps

Spy mobile apps exist not only for those with investigative purposes but for parents in particular, who are so alarmed by the recently growing issue of online harassment or popularly known as cyberbullying. As children are well-provided of mobile phones for easy communication especially in times of emergency, they too have been prone to online activities, […]

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Important Reasons Parents Must Use WhatsApp Spy

The fact that instant messaging services have become very popular among young people, particularly teenagers, has prompted many parents to install spy mobile software on their teen’s devices. But why do parents think that instant messaging, like that using WhatsApp, may not be suitable for their children? What is WhatsApp? WhatsApp is a messaging service […]

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Businesswoman Harassing Female Colleague In Office


I own my own air conditioning business in Arizona—not small home units, but large industrial ones for offices and buildings. I’m pretty busy all year long and have to maintain a good workforce to handle the sizable amount of customers that count on me. In order to keep on top, I gave every one of […]

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Helping My Child with Depression

My child suffers from depression. I love my child but sometimes, it’s hard to know how to help my child and give her the support she needs to thrive. She’s had depression for years and while she’s seeing a therapist and is thriving on medication, I always worry about whether or not she’ll hurt herself […]

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