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Creepy Clowns 2: Electric BOOgaloo

The creepy clowns aren’t going away—and there’s a chance they’re coming to a neighborhood near you! The clown sightings are happening again, similar to the sightings of 2016. People all over the country have reported sightings of individuals dressed liked creepy clowns. But it’s not just people dressed in clown garb that’s got many all […]

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Why I Chose a Cell Phone Monitoring Program

Those who are looking into finding a cell phone monitoring program for their kids may be wondering if this is the best choice for them and for their family. Installing cell phone monitoring software on your kids’ cell phones is a big step. Some may be reluctant to put “spy” software on the phones of […]

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How Cell Phone Monitoring Makes Parenting Easier

Because of the amount of threats that are out there facing children, it has become more and more difficult for parents to be able to keep their kids safe. As kids began getting smartphones at an increasingly rapid rate, the potential perils facing young people grew and grew. That made parenting even more difficult, as […]

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