Swift Playground: Apples New Coding App For Kids

Who’s saying that tablets and smartphones are cannibalizing brain power? Well, Apple is putting an end to that.

Apple’s app that teaches coding to kids comes out today! Have you ever wanted your children to have a basic understanding about what happens in the backend of websites or apps!?  Well, Apple’s got you covered.

The app is called Swift Playground, and this app will teach kids how to code on an iPad. The concept behind it is to guide a character called Byte to collect gems by controlling his moves with Swift code.

Coding is simplified by dragging a command from the very bottom of the screen and simply dropping it into the coding space on the left.

As part of the big education initiative Apple included Swift Playgrounds at its keynote presentation in San Francisco.

With technology enormously advancing each year, this is a great app for kids. It will give them a background and understanding about the functions of what goes on in the backend of their most favorite applications.

Who knows, maybe this will help create the new Bill Gates.

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