Surepoint Trusted Mobile Monitoring: What You Need to Know About Mobile Spy Software

SurepointEveryone has someone they care about in their lives, whether it be a child, mother, father, aunt, uncle, friend, employee, everyone has someone that they want to protect above everything. With all of the dangers on the internet like predators, data breach, stolen identity, online dating issues, etc. using mobile spy software would be a big help in protecting them. SurePoint Spy is one of the leading mobile monitoring software programs and in my opinion the best mobile spy software around.

Here is how SurePoint Spy mobile spy can help you and those around you:

  • Monitor calls. Want to know who your loved one is calling? SurePoint Spy can show you exactly who they’re calling or who they’re receiving calls from, as well as what time they Mobile Spy Worldoccurred and how long they stayed on the phone for.
  • View text messages. Text messages are the most popular way that teens communicate, so if you’re a concerned parent you may want to monitor what they say in text. With SurePoint Spy you can see every text they send or receive throughout the day, exactly how it shows up on their phone.
  • Track location. The GPS location feature allows you to see exactly where the phone you’re monitoring is at that exact time. Updating every 5 minutes, you get to see where the phone is in real-time.
  • Read Calendar notes. Not sure what your loved one’s calendar looks like or what they plan on doing this weekend and they won’t tell? Bypass them and look into their calendar yourself.
  • Review emails. Email is the perfect way to communicate in the workplace, but are you worried that an employee may be sensitive company information with people outside of your office? By using SurePoint Spy mobile spy you can monitor exactly where every email gets sent from your office.
  • View Photos and Videos. Teen sexting is on the rise. WantMobile Spy World to make sure your teen does not get involved? Monitor their photos and videos with mobile spy software.
  • Monitor social media. (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.) Social media can be a major time waster. Whether it’s keeping the work day or study time on track, you can use SurePoint Spy software to monitor social media use.
  • Review Browsing History. Your young teen signing on to websites you don’t think is appropriate? By monitoring their cell phone’s browsing history you have the ability to see what websites they go on and how long they stay on the site for.
  • Updating in real-time. All these features would not be at the caliber they are without the updates in real-time. Every feature gets updated to the control panel exactly how they show up on the target phone every 5 minutes, so the information is as up to date as if you were looking at their actual phone.

SurePoint Spy Trusted Mobile Spy can help you monitor whomever you want and take control of your life and the people around you. Today our cell phones hold everything from important company data, our plans for the day, who we talk to most, all of our social media posts and more. Our cell phones basically explain our lives and by monitoring our loved ones we can help them make smart choices and protect them and ourselves.

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