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Stupid Things: How iPhone Spyware Can Protect Your Loved Ones From Doing Them

When I was young, I used to do a lot of stupid things—especially with my friends. Some of them were relatively harmless. Playing in the sump, jumping bikes off dangerous ramps, throwing dirt bombs and shooting bottle rockets at each other, etc. Other things we did were progressively worse. We’d ring and run, peep in windows, and on occasion, do a little 5-finger-discounting. I’m not proud of what we did. I was a stupid kid who did stupid things. I’m just glad there weren’t any iPhones or iPhone spyware programs around like there are today.

iPhone spyware

How I rolled in my day.


Back in my day, you could get away with a lot of things. Whenever you did something, it wasn’t recorded or shared for all the world to see, like it is today. Nowadays, there are cameras everywhere. Most of them are on cell phones. And a great deal of the stupid things that occur are being done right on those very devices.


iPhone spyware

What might seem like a funny picture with friends may not go over so well with Dad.


The stupid things that people do with their iPhones:

  • Selfies—Digital photography freed many a wannabe shutterbug from the constraints of having to wait for their pictures to be developed. And in the wake of that freedom came people’s willingness to experiment—especially when it came to self-portraits. Now, iPhone -wielding individuals (especially women and teens) take, delete, retake, and filter selfies to their own delight—then they share, share, and share. However, not everything that’s shared (sexy poses, nudes, cleavage shots, duck faces, and offensive ideas) should be.
iPhone spyware

How many STUPIDS can you find in this picture?


  • Rants—Twitter, Facebook, and other social media outlets have made communicating with friends so convenient. However, it has also made it just as easy for people to go on very public rants. The accessibility to this digital soapbox called social media is used and abused by one too many angry or drunk or self-righteous people time and time again.
iPhone spyware

There’s no cool-down period (like when applying for a gun permit) for social media posting.


  • Shares—Everyone has a different idea of what is funny or appropriate. The Internet is filled with material that is considered questionable by some—and downright offensive by others. That’s why it’s not always wise to pass on what you think is awesome or important. And that goes double if you’re doing it on a work device.
iPhone spyware

While this may be true, think twice about what you share, because it could cost you in many ways.


  • Wearing one’s heart on a sleeve—Just as with rants and shares, social media has also become a place where people feel it’s okay to voice their feelings about love and heartbreak. The thing is, other than your BFF or the object of your desire, no one wants to hear it. And that’s multiplied by a thousand if you’re a man. Seriously, dudes, sack up. Then go get drunk with your bros like a real man.
iPhone spyware

PDAs and boo hoos should be kept off of social media.

iPhone spyware

Listen to Ron. Ron is a real man.


iPhone spyware is the smartest way to prevent loved ones from doing stupid things

Like I said, I’m really glad that iPhones didn’t exist when I was a teen. All of the stupid things I did either went unnoticed or were witnessed by only a select few. Today’s dumb move can last forever thanks to the Internet. And even the things you don’t broadcast to the world can be uncovered with a good iPhone spy software program. Believe me, they exist—and a lot of people are using them, including me.

Yes, I use iPhone spyware. I use it to protect my family. I have two teens. These mobile apps allow me to make sure my kids aren’t doing any of the above-mentioned things. Monitoring them with a quality spy app helps me protect their reputations as well as their safety. I don’t want my children’s lives to be ruined because they did something stupid. And if you feel the same way, then you should look into installing the best iPhone spy app program on their phones as well.

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