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Stop Social Media Catcalling with Spy Cell Phone Tracker

Do you know that social media catcalling is a growing epidemic that only spy cell phone tracker could bust in detail? This is how technology nowadays works; digitalism is everywhere and there is no stopping the brains behind tracker applications! It works smoothly upon successful installation and can practically do it without having to touch someone (or target’s) device (cell phone, tablet or laptop).

So whether you know someone who is a victim or have yet known what this is all about then this article is perfectly made to feed your knowledge on how to identify a situation and impede before things worsen.

What is Social Media Catcalling?

One could actually connote social media catcalling as a “subordinate” of Cyberbullying. It usually happens to people who are fond of posting suggestive photos of themselves on social media patforms—Facebook and Instagram among its common venue. And obviously, teenagers are among the most susceptible given their addiction to the online world. With men as typical perpetrators commenting maliciously on every post! Comments such as:

  • “Wow! Can I have your number?”
  • “Whitweew”
  • (tagging a pal and adding) “Look at your sexy friend right here!”

Teenage girls who are victims of malicious minds tend to get embarrassed especially when they have no profane intention on posting. It makes them feel insecure and uncomfortable while being themselves. Others may find this normal but when you come to think of it, this kind of circumstance is has no difference when a girl wears skimpy clothes she is comfortable with, in public and strangers start to catcall.

What Should Parents Do

In order to be able to stop social media catcalling it is better for parents to have a conversation with teenagers regarding their posts; more importantly utilizing apps that spy on a cell phone (visit Mobile Spy World for best spy apps to choose from). This is to further monitor social media activities of teens!

Did You Know That…

Apart from being able to access online doings of teenagers, parents can also get hold of info such as messages (offline and online), calls, email, browser history, Google/Yahoo searches, GPS location and essentially captured photos or videos of teens which they will eventually upload within a click. Monitoring entails segregating which among those photographs need not be uploaded or be out in public. Easy Spy, a spy app android and apple product compatible is among the highly-purchased apps because of its extensive features.  

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