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Stop Creepy Clowns With iPhone Spy Software

Believe it or not, there have been a string of clown sightings lately and it’s got people really worried. According to authorities in multiple states, there have been a growing number of scary encounters between children and clowns and police are warning that everyone should be wary.

The sightings first began in Greenville, South Carolina, where residents stated that creepy characters dressed up as clowns were “attempting to lure children into the woods.” A letter was sent to residents of the Fleetwood Manor apartment complex by the property manager. It stated that “at no time should a child be alone at night, or walking in the roads or wooded areas at night.”


The Associated Press began reporting how the incidents have begun to spread across the nation—with sightings now in North Carolina, Georgia, Maryland, Alabama and most recently, Pennsylvania and Kentucky.

Being a Bozo can be deadly serious.

“To me, it looks like a bunch of jokesters,” said an employee at one costume shop where clown outfits are selling well. But according to a customer at the same shop, “Some people probably think it’s really funny, but again, I don’t think it’s intelligent to do something like that.”  Another customer added, “You come out of the woods dressed like that, come out on the wrong person, they have a gun, could be your life in danger…. It’s not worth your life for a simple joke.”


Creepy clown on playground swingset.

The idea of people dressing up in sinister-looking clown outfits is scary enough around Halloween—which is just over a month away—but it’s made worse by the idea that someone with ill intentions could be doing it as well. That’s why law enforcement agencies are taking it very seriously and charging multiple individuals with harassment or terroristic threatening. Incidents range from clowns jumping out from behind buildings and trees to several directly threatening individuals or schools in person or online.

Creepy clowns around town

Creepy clowns around town.

Some of these occurrences are obviously pranks—like the one in Pennsylvania where, according to Pottsville Police Chief Richard Wojciechowsky, “Two knuckleheads with clown-like clothes on hopped out of a pickup truck and yelled at a group of young children and teenagers.” However, some are more serious, like the one in Calhoun County, Alabama, where a 16-year old, identified as “Billy the Klown” threatened to shoot up his middle school.

Creepy clown arrested iPhone spy software

This bozo got himself arrested for clowning around.

iPhone spy apps can protect loved ones from creepy clowns.

So what can you do to ensure that your family is safe and sound? Many experts recommend that you sit down and talk with your children about pranks and stranger danger—remind them to steer clear of anything suspicious and report it immediately. They also suggest you look into installing a top-rated iPhone spy app on every family member’s iPhone.

Parents all over the nation have been installing iPhone spy software on their kids’ phones for years in order to keep an eye on what they do and who they communicate with online. Certain iPhone spy software programs like Auto Forward mobile spyware have saved countless lives by alerting parents to dangerous online activity that they would otherwise never have known about. iPhone spy software like Auto Forward lets parents access their loved ones’ phones in order to check call logs, text messages, social media activity and more. Moms and dads also like it because they can track their child’s physical location with the featured GPS locator—which comes in very handy when they’re out and about with creepy clowns lurking around.

surveillance capture of creepy clown on porch iPhone spy software

Creepy clown cases a home while a family sleeps inside.

Don’t clown around with your family’s safety.

While most clowns are only out for a good time, you should still be concerned about your family’s safety. One way that you can help protect them for sure is to install top-notch iPhone spy software on their smartphone today.

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