arson son iPhone spy

Could Your Son Be an Arsonist? Use an iPhone Spy App to Find Out

A man in Missouri was recently sentenced to sixty-three months in prison for setting fire to a mosque. Authorities say he was also charged for attempting to do the same to a Planned Parenthood facility.

arson son iPhone spy

32-year-old Jedediah Stout admitted to burning down the Islamic Society of Joplin mosque back in August of 2012. He said that he used a backpack filled with a bottle containing a flammable liquid. He admitted that he had failed to burn down that building once before. He also confessed to two unsuccessful attempts at burning down the Planned Parenthood building. In the first one, he used gasoline siphoned from his lawnmower. The second, lamp oil.

Stout was arrested after walking on some railroad tracks and acting suspiciously. The arresting officer noticed that the man’s hands smelled like some kind of fuel. Authorities eventually linked Stout to incidents at the Planned Parenthood, because of items purchased from Wal-Mart. Not from cell phone tracking software as some had first thought.

arson son iPhone spy

Police learned that Stout bought the backpack, as well as three camo-colored dog rope toys at the store and used them in the arson. He had also purchased a bottle of alcohol. Investigators used a receipt of the purchases—which bore Stout’s birthdate—as well as store security camera footage to link him to the crimes. They eventually found and confirmed his fingerprints on the plastic bottle that contained the accelerant.

Why did he do it?

Stout said the reason for his attack on the mosque was simply that he hated Islam. His disapproval of abortion and the people who perform them were the reasons he targeted the Planned Parenthood facility.

arson son iPhone spy

Could your son become an arsonist like Stout?

If you have a teenage son, then you know how volatile their mindset can sometimes be. Peer pressure, puberty, girls, school, sports—all play a big part in how he reacts to the world. You never know what he is truly thinking. Could he have unspoken prejudices? Hidden desires? Secret plans? Who knows? The only way to find out these days is to install a high-quality iPhone spy app on his cell phone.

arson son iPhone spy

How Auto Forward iPhone spy can stop an arsonist.

Auto Forward cell phone spyware is a premium mobile monitoring product sold at a wholly affordable price. It’s used by parents the world over to keep a watchful eye on their kids when they embark into the digital world.

Auto Forward gives moms and dads complete access to their teen’s iPhones and iPads so that they can see who their loved one is communicating with and what they are seeing. Emails, texts, social media updates, photos and videos, etc.—Auto Forward lets you see it all!

By installing a top spy app like Auto Forward on your teenage son’s iPhone, you can monitor where he is going, what he has planned, and why he is doing it—and then put a stop to it right away.

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