Spy on Mobile Number: Way to Prevent Teenage Phone Addiction

Parents have favored using spy on mobile number ever since the number of cases on teenage phone addiction radically increased. As everything seems digital nowadays, tracking someone’s every move is doable.The process is specifically made the uncomplicated way for parents to avoid creepily following their child around like a desperate lurker or hiring an investigator which costs way much compared to the budget-friendly spy software.

Teenage Phone Addiction

Teenagers were born at the age where exposure to cell phone use at a young age is the norm; making them prone to being addicted to mobile phones even so internet use. They are fond of social media forms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many others which not only allow them to connect with and gain friends from all parts of the world but also post whatever they feel like even if it is something too sensitive.

Studies show that some pubescent dynamism is caused by too much mobile and internet usage; making some teenagers anxious, negative and aloof while others develop low self-esteem and attention-span.

To add, teenagers are poorly affected by it that they experience the following:

  • Higher chances of consuming vices—alcohol, drugs, etc.
  • Poor dietary habits
  • Socially out of focus
  • Lower brain accordance—in the aspect of emotions and decision-making
  • Eye strain causing blurred vision
  • Car accidents—texting while driving is equally dangerous as drunk driving
  • Cyberbullying
  • Sexting
  • Depression

Uncomplicated Way to Prevent Phone Addiction

If you are concerned that your child might be one of those suffering, a good investment is to find spyware that you think will cater to your needs. It is uncomplicated since you will be able access teen’s mobile activities without having the phone’s possession. The beauty of spyware is how everything is done virtually. Despite the busyness of parenting and work, it is possible to secure your child’s safety specifically thwarting her from mobile phone addiction.

The moment you keep track as to who she connects with and make a habit that time allotted for mobile usage has lapsed then you are using spyware properly. Other may question about privacy but is it not that a teenager is under your supervision? Obviously, you have all the right to do so.

There are numerous software offered online but Highster Mobile is one popular spy software for iphone 4(and the rest of Apple products) because it does not require jail breaking.


You might come across mobile phone spy free which is totally different from paid ones like that of Highster Mobile and DDI Utilities. It will prompt you to upgrade to premium on the later part of usage. Also, it has very inadequate features.

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