Spy on Cell Phone Apps and Their Different Types of Installation

Do you have plans on using a spy on cell phone app? Do you know how it works? If you have someone you want monitored for a good reason, then having a spy app gives you a chance to check on this person without actually handling his or her mobile phone. There are many brands currently offering their services to the public. But the main point is, they work the same – but most of them vary when it comes to installation.

How to Install the App

There are many kinds of installations, especially with all the varied brands currently available in the market. However, here are the most common types of installations:

  1. Personal installation on the target phone. With this choice, there is a need to actually borrow the phone from its owner and install the software after unlocking the passcode.
  2. Installation on the device of the tracker. Some spy apps require you to install the device on your phone to actually set the tracking in action. This is another option in case you cannot get hold of the device you want to monitor. Plus, this bypasses the need for jailbreaking the device to be tracked.
  3. Installation thru iCloud. This option usually works along with option number 2. If you can’t manage to get a hold of the device and jailbreak the system, an installation via iCloud is the next option. You need to have the iCloud details of the user.

Free Vs. Premium Offers

Free cell phone spy apps don’t need fees for you to use the software. They are usually offered as free trial options for interested individuals.

On the other hand, there are premium brands sold in the market that offer a far better deal when it comes to tracking the target device. These brands would usually offer the power to listen to phone conversations done over the phone and not just spy on text messages, calls, social media mobile browser activities,emails and phone location.

Advanced spywares have a built-in system that runs whenever someone calls the target user or vice versa. Eventually, this system records everything about the call.

All in all, spy apps are getting popular because of their convenience. Just imagine that you would be able to get all the information you need in just one click right in the comfort of your home or any place you may be.

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