Spy Mobile: Is Facebook Good or Bad for Young People?

Today’s college students and teens are what experts call the “digital kids”, while their parents are sometimes referred to as the “spy mobile experts”. Young people are so dependent on the Internet and on their devices that they often feel life is nothing without them. They spend most of their time using their smartphones to connect with friends, watch videos, and update their social media accounts like Facebook.

A very common question among parents these days is whether or not they should let their teens use Facebook as much as they want, or it should be limited. Is Facebook good for young people? Does it get them into trouble?

Is Facebook a Good Thing or a Bad Thing?

Well, this is a tricky question to answer because Facebook can actually be good and bad at the same time! Several studies have been conducted to know how social media can affect a young person’s personality, attitude, and behavior.

A researcher at California State University explained that Facebook can benefit young teens, especially those who have a very shy personality. The experience of social networking online allows shy kids to build relationships with other people. Since social media does not require talking to someone in person, shy kids are able to express themselves better.

Parents should appreciate this aspect of social media because it encourages their shy kids to be more friendly online. If you’re worried that your child might be chatting with an online predator, installing iPhone spy software is the solution.

How about the negative effects of Facebook on teens?

Facebook allows its users to post personal information, events, and other details for public viewing. Although the intention is good, this feature is often the cause for cyberbullying and even identity theft.

Cyberbullying is common among teens. It involves humiliating, harassing, and even threatening another person online. Many Facebook users experience getting negative and unpleasant comments on their photos, images, and casual posts. The problem with teens is that they may not be strong enough to handle such kind of criticism. As a result, many fall into depression, anxiety, and suicide.

Identity theft can also happen to anyone because there’s so much personal information being given out on the Internet, particularly through social networks like Facebook. Young kids and teenagers don’t easily realize how risky it is to share their personal information online. As a result, these kids and their families become exposed to online thieves especially those that steal other people’s identity.

What Should Parents Do? 

To make sure your teen is safe from all the dangers of social media and the Internet, you need to be proactive. Be involved in your teen’s life, and always have a conversation about their social media activities. It’s also a good idea to use an app to spy iPhone so you could monitor how your teen is using his or her iPhone.

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