The Splendid Interface: Auto Forward Spy

updateAuto Forward Spy is as it states in the title a monitoring and spying software. It is not limited to any specific user but is open to all who need to monitor devices in their possession whether at home or in the workplace. The Auto Forward Spy software provides an easy and effective way to keep track of all the devices the user wants. The software is gotten online at a reasonably fair price. Once purchased the product is downloaded and installed on any WIFI or mobile data enabled device. The devices that the software is installed on must have internet capability because the software in online based. That is how it is able to acquire all the information sent to the user’s device.

Once the software is ready it targets the specified devices that the software user wants to monitor and links with them. The link period is 2-3 minutes. Cell phone spyware download. The devices that are being monitored have to have android or iPhone operating systems. These devices can be, but are not limited to; mobile phones and tablets. Once the link is set up, the software is up and running and information is sent directly to the software user’s online account.

The software provides a wholesome monitoring experience for the software user. Starting with offline monitoring, the software allows the user access to the targeted device’s contact list; names number and contact information. The software also provides the user access to the targeted device’s call logs. The software user can view all calls made and received by the device. It can even show ongoing calls allowing the software user a chance to listen in on the conversation or even record it. The software also allows the user access to all the text messages sent and received by the targeted device. Its feature also allows for the viewing of previously deleted messages.

The software has accurate GPS location tracking. This helps the software user determine the exact location of the device that has been targeted. The GPS tracking is complemented by a remote access function that enables the software user to take live pictures using the targeted device’s camera and send it to the software user’s device.  Cell phone spy software download. This allows the software user a chance to see the exact physical location of the device.  The remote access is also used by the software user to run, stop or block certain apps that the user sees necessary or unnecessary.

The software’s internet accessibility allows the user to view all online activity the device is used for. The software keeps track of all emails sent, received, or even trashed by the targeted device. Cell phone spy software download any phone. The software also allows the device to see the web history of the device’s browsers.  The software’s remote access also helps the software user set parameters for the device’s search engine. The user can restrict certain word searches and send alerts to the software user’s device who then blocks those sites that he deems inappropriate.

Auto Forward Spy has a splendid and user friendly interface. It is so easy to use and need no expertise to navigate. The software is direct and to the point and serves to make it easy for its users to navigate through. The software also has a highly supportive technical team that is always on call at specified time periods. Auto Forward Spy remains as a top contender for the best spying and monitoring software around. It can be used by any individual or entity ranging from parents or guardians to business owners or institution managers. Auto Forward Spy, is a product you can trust.

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