I Saved My Business With An iPhone Monitoring App

I own a produce distributing company and keeping track of my employees is very important. Little did I know an iPhone monitoring app would save my company.

I’ve gone through the unfortunate circumstance in which my employees took advantage of my kindness and didn’t complete their daily routes before the end of their work day. This was very costly for me because my clients were extremely disappointed and even took the drastic measure of switching produce companies.

At first, I wasn’t able to quite understand how this could happen. I thought I was assigning my drivers an unreasonable amount of daily routes, however, that wasn’t the case. My employees were actually taking advantage of me and not working.

A good friend of mine suggested I’d provide a company cell phone that had a monitoring app within it, little did I know this is what I should have had the entire time. My truck drivers were taking long lunch breaks, getting off route, taking naps, and not showing up to scheduled appointments. I couldn’t believe that the employees I’ve trusted for years would do something like this to me.

I took further action and was able to hire a new team. It took a while to get up and running again, however, I was able to pick up all the pieces and successfully move forward. My clients are happier than ever and so am I.

A cell phone monitoring software is essential for a business. It is unfortunate, but you can’t trust anyone, especially when it comes down to your company.