Tinder date with death selfie iPhone spy

Save Your Daughter from a Tinder Date with Death

Do you have a single daughter looking for love? Does she visit online dating websites like Tinder and Match? Well, you may want to stop her right away … because she could end up on a Tinder date with death.

A 26-year-old Australian woman named Warriena Wright went on a Tinder-matched date in New Zealand and ended up dead later that night.

Tinder date death selfie iPhone spy

According to reports, Ms. Wright had met New Zealander Gable Tostee on the popular dating site and decided to meet up with him after chatting via the site. According to authorities, witness accounts, and Tostee’s own testimonial, the date started off better than good … but ended up on the other end of the spectrum.

How the Tinder Date with Death Went Down.

After both parties drank too much, they ended up at Tostee’s apartment. The couple apparently had sex and then drank more. At some point during the evening, things turned ugly. According to Tostee, Wright became violent. She threw things at him and attacked him physically. However, Tostee recorded much of the encounter with his cell phone.

Tostee could be heard threatening Wright on the audio recordings numerous times. Once he said that he would throw her off of his balcony. He eventually locked the woman on his balcony and refused to let her in. She could be heard begging to go home.

Tinder date death selfie iPhone spy

At some point after that, Wright was seen attempting to climb down the 14-story-high balcony by a witness. That individual tried to tell her to go back up, because there was no way down. Unfortunately for Ms. Wright, it was too late. She slipped and fell to her death.

Tinder date death selfie iPhone spy

Police reenactment of Wright’s fall.

Who Takes the Blame for the Tinder Date with Death?

It’s a tragic account of a horrible event that could have been prevented had someone been keeping an eye on the pair. That someone being either of the couple’s parents. After Wright fell to her death, Tostee called his father. His conversation revealed that he didn’t hit her or push off. However, prosecutors are saying he scared her so much, she thought she was going to be killed. That is why Tostee is being charged with murder.

Tinder date death selfie iPhone spyWhy should someone have spied on Tostee and Wright?

Even though Ms. Wright is an adult, her parents might have been able to save her if they’d installed a top spy app on her phone. A really good cell phone monitoring software program could have alerted her mom and dad to their daughter’s plans. Firstly, they could have used the app to see who Wright was talking to and what was being said before the hookup took place. Reports list the couple’s initial online encounter as highly sexualized. Tostee told Wright that she looked ‘delicious’ and that they should get drunk together because he’s a ‘pornstar after a few drinks.’ She replied that she’s a ‘freak in the sheets.’ Not something that any father wants to hear in regards to his daughter—but something that Mr. Wright probably needed to hear.

Tinder date death selfie iPhone spy

How an iPhone Spy App Can Save Your Daughter from a Tinder Date with Death.

By installing a mobile spy app on your daughter’s iPhone, you can check her texts, emails, pictures, videos, social media activity, and more—all from afar and on any device. If she disappears, you can find her with the phone’s GPS Locator. You can also see exactly what she is doing on her phone in real-time in order to make sure everything is normal.

Don’t let your daughter meet up with some strange guy that could get her killed. Put a quality phone tracking software program on her cell phone today.

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