pornhub sex ed phone tracking software

Pornhub Offers Sex Ed To Its Visitors … For Real!

Top adult entertainment website, Pornhub, is now offering sex ed! That’s right, you heard me. Not just sex, but sexual education. Yes, the #1 site for viewing down and dirty smut is going from showing you how it’s done to how it’s done right. And they’re bringing a bunch of doctors, experts, psychologists, and others to help you along.

The NSFW website is offering their online education videos to help individuals have a healthier love and—of course—sex life. The program is called the “Pornhub Sexual Wellness Center” and covers topics relevant to this modern age. The PSWC offers information on sexuality, STDs, sex tech, relationship building, and more.


pornhub sex ed phone tracking software


The site’s director is a clinical psychologist named Laurie Betito, who specializes in sexuality. She welcomes users to send her questions which she and her team will answer in the form of posts, Q&As, and other types of videos.

According to Corey Price, the company’s V.P., Pornhub hopes to give great advice and trustworthy information to its more than 70 million daily visitors.

The site promises not to discriminate. They’ll cover common questions regarding straight sex, gay sex, solo sex, group sex, menstruation sex—basically anything sex.


pornhub sex ed phone tracking software


All of that being said, you may be thinking about your own questions, needs, experiences. You may also be wondering about those of your spouse or significant other. Does he or she do or look at things you don’t know about? Is it something that you think you should be aware of? What if some of those things are indeed illegal? Or dangerous?


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