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New iPhone 7 Glitch Locks You Out

No doubt, you’ve heard all about Apple’s iPhone 7 and how spectacular it is. How sleek and beautiful it looks. How powerful the processor is. And how many great features each one offers. But have you heard about one feature that’s not so great? Well, it’s not really a feature, so much as a glitch. And it’s not an old one, but a new iPhone 7 glitch.

Yes, Apple’s product has a new bug that’s upsetting a lot of people. And it starts happening right out of the box. All across the nation, owners of the iPhone 7s are finding that they’re locked out of their brand new phone—right off the bat.

iPhone 7 new glitch purple spy

The new iPhone 7 glitch.

Apparently, there was some kind of computer glitch that is affecting a good number of the devices. Many users have been flooding the message boards of Mac Rumors, Twitter, and other sites to voice their issues.

According to one man, he was unable to use his brand-new, right-out-of-the-box iPhone 7. It kept asking him for the iCloud account originally used to activate it. Without that pre-used Apple ID, he couldn’t get beyond the Activation Lock.

The same thing has been happening to many other users. iPhone 7-user Mark Svendsen tweeted his experience on September 17.

He tweeted again after contacting Apple about the problem—which was not resolved.

His next tweet suggested that black market thieves and scammers are creating the problem from China and beyond.

Some people are extra concerned that this could be the cause of something else. A good deal of individuals today are installing iPhone spy apps on loved one’s phones. This has caused new iPhone 7 users to think they got a used phone with iPhone monitoring software on them. Apple insiders say that that is absolutely not the case.

“The new phones are not actually activated, so no one can spy on them. Not even if it is a top spy app,” said one insider.

So what can you do if it happens to you?

Some users who have been affected can get the issue resolved by going to an Apple store and showing their receipt. They will then have it fixed by someone at their Genius Bar. As for the rest of you? Well, you’ll just have to wait until Apple fixes the glitch.

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