What You Need to Know About The DDI Spyware Tool

Aside from these main functions, you can also use it to spy or monitor someone. The DDI spyware gives you the power to see all images, text and call logs as well as messages in the mobile unit. The DDI Utilities tool is a backup and recovery software that lets you retrieve lost or deleted files from a mobile device.

The Installation Process

First of all, you need to download the software according to the mobile unit you want to monitor. There is a DDI Utilities spy free version if you want to try out the tool for 7 days. However, if you want to proceed with the payment, you can also do so.

The next thing you have to do is to install the software and select your backup location. This could either be on your local drive or on a cloud platform. The final step involves extracting the data you want to gain information from.

How to Use the Tool

How to use DDI Utilities to spy on someone is very simple. You would be able to get a grasp on the most personal information of the targeted user. Your target user may range from your parent, partner, child, relative or any friends.

Few of the things that you would be able to get are their picture logs or the pictures they have taken or downloaded in the phone. The next is their contacts log. These are the new people added to the contacts section in one’s address book. Another is their calendar logs which allow you to view the events they have updated in their phones. You would be able to confirm their whereabouts and destinations once you get a hold of their calendar events. And of course, you also have the access to the SMS and MMS threads which are both sent and received text messages as well as multimedia messages.

DDI Utilities has the potency to track and record the entire phone conversation and the details of incoming or outgoing phone calls by your targeted user. You can choose to start with a free three-day trial and later on proceed to a monthly subscription if you want to continue using it.

You need not to worry about any compatibility issues too because it is both compatible to Android and iPhone users. Therefore, it is for everybody!

DDI Utilities is a tool for recovery, backup, and monitoring. It has countless features made for both Android and iPhone users.

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