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The Most Important Thing to Do Before You Let Your Teen Daughter Start Dating

Teens have sex. Hopefully, this is not news to you. After all, you were a teen once. You probably had sex back then. Why should it be any different for your daughter? So, knowing that your little princess may indeed have sex with someone soon, you should have a serious conversation with her about being safe. And one other thing? You should install a top spy app on her phone ASAP.

Here’s why you should install a top spy app on your teen’s phone.

A 15-year-old boy in California was recently accused of sexually assaulting a girl at a De La Salle football game. The boy’s father claims that the sex between the two teens was consensual. The girl’s father states otherwise—adding the young football player had been sending harassing texts to his daughter and other girls.

The boy was eventually sent to a juvenile detention center while the case was being investigated. He’s since been released.

De La Salle football top spy app daughter date teens

A top spy app like Auto Forward can help.

So, who is telling the truth? How would anyone outside of the two parties know what that truth is? One way to find out would be to check both teens’ phones. However, a savvy teen would have erased any evidence of a crime. That’s why a quality cell phone tracking software program would truly help.

Search almost any spyware reviews site and you’ll find a top spy app called Auto Forward listed on it. Auto Forward mobile monitoring appears above every other product on almost every Top 5 cell phone spyware list. It’s reliable, affordable, and very easy to use. Parents have been trusting the app for years to keep a watchful eye over their kids. It handily gives them access to any targeted device’s calls, texts, pictures, browser history, emails, MMS messages, and more.

If you have a teenage girl—or boy—it is highly recommended you install an app like Auto Forward on their phone. That way, you can see who they are talking to, what they are saying and doing, and where they are.


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