How Monitoring Social Media With Cell Phone Tracking Software Can Save Lives

Back in June of this year, 49 people were killed at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando. More than 50 others were injured. The shooter, 29-year-old Omar Mateen, was shot and killed by police following a three-hour standoff.

The entire incident was labeled a hate crime and terrorist attack. Pulse was a gay nightclub, which Mateen targeted because of his own self-loathing. As it turned out, Mateen was running from his own gay demons. He had also pledged his allegiance to ISIS during the attack. Authorities found no direct ties between him and the terrorist organization.

twitter-facebook-google-cell-phone-tracking-software-terrorist-logoNow, several months after that horrid event, the families of three of the victims are suing Facebook, Twitter, and Google (YouTube) for failing to protect their loved ones from known terrorist groups. Relatives of Tevin Crosby, Javier Jorge-Reyes, and Juan Ramon Guerrero filed a complaint saying the companies “provided the terrorist group ISIS with accounts they use to spread extremist propaganda, raise funds, and attract new recruits.”

The social media giants have yet to reply to the accusation.

While this all plays out, many are wondering what can be done to prevent future incidents like this from happening. It seems that not much can be done on a grand scale—short of turning America into a police state run by big brother. However, you as an individual can do a few things to help protect yourself and those around you.


Protect everyone with quality phone tracking software.

Many parents and employees have been putting mobile monitoring software on their loved ones’ and employee’s cell phones. Parents do it to see who their kids are communicating with. Employers do it to protect the integrity of their company and the devices they’ve given out. Cell phone tracking software can make known any signs of a terror plan or connection. Then, you can put a stop to it as soon as possible.

If you have an iffy teen known for rebelling or an employee with anger issues, it would be wise to look into installing cell spy stealth software on their phone today. Who knows, you may just save a few lives by doing so.

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