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Why You Should Monitor Adult Children With Cell Phone Tracking Software

You’ve probably heard how parents all over are monitoring their children with cell phone tracking software. Maybe you’ve been doing the same? Or perhaps you’ve been considering it, but haven’t moved forward. Well, know this: mobile surveillance does more good than harm when used responsibly.

Depending on the age of your children, you may be wondering if using a mobile spy app on them is the right thing to do. Are they too young? Do you think they are too old? Could you be crossing the line between protecting them and invading their privacy? These are questions that parents should ask themselves before they start their monitoring. They should also do it during. The truth is that everyone can use a little help, no matter how old the loved one. Just take a look at the case below.


A couple that should’ve been monitored with cell phone tracking software.

A couple from Long Island, New York was arrested on Christmas Eve for hiding drugs and loaded weapons in their 4-year-old’s bedroom. Police discovered the cache after answering a 911 call reporting gunfire at the Avalon Commons apartment complex where the couple lived. Authorities took 26-year-old Neil Ross-France into custody for firing the gun during a squabble. They also arrested his fiancée Dominica Kaisen (the 4-year-old boy’s mother), who is a nurse at a local rehabilitation center. The child is now in the care of another family member.

How these people are allowed to even have a child is anyone’s guess. Sadly, aanyone in the world can have a kid—but that doesn’t mean they should. That being said, if you have grown or near-grown children of your own, you should consider monitoring them.

The case for mobile monitoring today’s adults.

Today’s “adults” are not as mature as those of yesteryear. People are in a constant state of arrested development. Movies, video games, social media, the internet, smartphones—have all encouraged our youthful and more immature pursuits. That’s why you should put a cell phone surveillance app on your loved ones’ phones.

Do your homework. Find the best cell phone tracking software for yourself.

Did the parents of Ross-France and Kaisen know the couple had cocaine, marijuana, and loaded guns in their home? Could they have done something about it? Well, the answer to both questions is yes—if they had installed iphone surveillance software on their phones.

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