Mobile Spy Software: How To Protect Your Loved Ones

Mobile Spy WorldAre you thinking about investing in a mobile iPhone spy software solution to monitor cell phone use of someone you know? There are various benefits and features you can learn about to help you make an informed decision about your investment.  There are so many reasons why this software is important. It can help keep children safe while using mobile devices.  It lets employers know if their employees are using their time efficiently.  You can block and filter content that is considered harmful, offensive, or inappropriate.

Mobile spy software sounds good but what is it? In simple terms, you can monitor or watch cell phone activity of another such as your child or employee.  You can watch their activity without them knowing it.  You can view through a remote web portal what a person does with their cell phone such as who they are calling, texting, sending and receiving files, and more.  Because society has many threats and dangers people want to be able to take things into their own hands in regards to cell phone safety and security. This is where mobile spy software options come in. Here is a rundown of features and functions keeping mobile devices safe and secure on the best mobile spy software available, Highster Mobile:

  • Save email messages and contacts. Cell phone monitoring allows you to keep a record of email messages and contact addresses used on a cell phone device.  This can be referenced and reviewed at a later time even after they have been deleted from the device.
  • Receive reports on received and sent messages.  You can learn about incoming and outgoing text, email and chat messages.  You can create a schedule that will notify you on the clock about activity related to the cell phone you are tracking.
  • GPS location notifications. With mobile spy software you can learn where your loved one or employee is located.
  • Call log recording. Review a record of calls made and received on the mobile device.  This will include contact information related to the call such as phone number and time call was made or received.
  • Text messaging details. Track incoming and outgoing text messages. Filters and blocking elements can limit texts received and sent.
  • Camera, picture and video monitoring. Know what multimedia content is being created and shared from the cell phone.  You can approve content before it is sent and make copies of content to keep for your records. Delete unsuitable content and remain discreet.
  • Social media filtering and monitoring. Check social media sites being visited on the mobile device. You can block or limit which sites are visited are content shared.
  • Browser filters and web page viewing. Block inappropriate websites and place filters to ensure content is safe for viewing.
  • Remote lock feature. If the cell phone gets lost or stolen it can be locked with a text or SMS command.
  • Remove phone apps without physical device with remote uninstall. You can delete unnecessary or inappropriate apps and prevent others from being downloaded.