Mobile Spy Apps: Modern Way of Monitoring Teenagers

I am a proud parent of my 16 year old teenager who I prefer to monitor using mobile spy apps. It may seem unbecoming for other parents as it involves spying her daily whereabouts but I believe it is my obligation to ensure my teen’s well-being by keeping track in all aspects of her life. I chose to use this tool since my teen is considerably hooked on her mobile, 24/7. I know for a fact the amount of information I will be getting through her phone is enough to answer my questions.

I’ve seen my girl smiling, fuming with anger and all sorts of emotions while using her mobile. Her mood suddenly changes to the extremes. Sometimes I make myself believe that it is part of the so-called “teenage phase” just to lessen my anxiety but I motherly instinct tells me otherwise. There has got to be deeper reasons which I needed to discover. Apart from being curious her actions worry me a lot.

My most recommend mobile spy apps

Having used Auto Forward Spy and Highster Mobile text message spy apps, allowed me to access even deleted text messages complete with sender, date and time; you never know the amount of satisfaction a parent gets with “detailed” information until you become one. I came across both when a friend told me to try if spy apps really work. I visited each of their websites for comparison and ended up trying both; although I am currently using the best app to spy mobile phone, Highster Mobile since my phone and the one I gave to my teen is an iPhone. As you may know, Highster is recognized to be an industry leader in iPhone No-Jailbreak spyware. It works equally efficient not only with Apple but also on all Android devices.  Its extensive features exceeded my expectations. Access to information is done in real-time via a live control panel which is very user friendly. I knew who and what my teen associates with and understand stuff before even interrogating her. I talk to her every time I have questions and thoroughly explained to her why I am doing such or why am I using Highster Mobile to monitor her. To keep things less awkward between us, I always reiterate that she shouldn’t be shy or afraid to be open about her thoughts and feelings towards me; because I for once have been through stuff that are way worse than her. I make sure our communication line is open.

Extensive Features of Highster Mobile

Highster’s features that I surely benefited from are the following: access to text messages even if phone logs are deleted, GPS location tracker, viewable photos and video logs, incoming and outgoing calls, recently viewed browser searches, social networking sites, and stealth camera which allowed me to take photos of my daughters surroundings in real-time! Its features basically exceeded my expectations. Higshter is offered at $29.99 per month which you can cancel anytime. Not to mention it has a 30-day money back guarantee and free lifetime upgrades. How remarkable is that?

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