January 9: The Day Your Wife Will Cheat!

Are you married? In a relationship? A good one? A rocky one? Are you unsure? Well, no matter what your status is relationship-wise, you may need to worry. Why? Because a dating site called Gleeden reported that the second Monday after Christmas is their most highly trafficked day of the year. And this year, that day is January 9th!

What is Gleeden?

Gleeden is an online dating company in France that caters mostly to women—married women. Any female can join for free and peruse a large stable of men (who pay) to choose from. The website has now opened its doors to the U.S. in hopes of becoming women’s answer to Ashley Madison.


What’s so special about the second Monday after Xmas?

Last year’s second Monday was January 11th. Gleeden revealed that its registrations increased over 320% that day. That’s no meager number.

Relationship experts believe that people who have been thinking about cheating—for whatever reason—feel it’s part of their New Year’s resolution to make a change. Christmas has come and gone, New Year’s Eve has given way to a new dawn, it’s Monday, and all is the same as it was. The buzz has worn off and it’s depressing. So these unhappy people sit there for a few days contemplating their future. They realize that all they have to look forward to are a series of long, cold, dark, thrill-less nights.

Granted, this is data from just one website—and one that’s devoted to cheaters. However, it’s enough to cause concern for anyone in a relationship. Remember, even if you’re happy with your significant other, they may not be happy with you. And if you happen to believe Gleeden’s data, then … well … the clock is ticking.

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Use cell tracker software to find out if your lover is going to cheat.

You could go following your wife around in order to see if she’s cheating. But that is impractical. You can search through her computer or cell phone, but that’s not easy to do without getting caught. No, the only surefire way to catch a cheater is to install a top-rated cell tracker software program on their smart device.

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Tick tock, tick tock.

With the way that people are acting today, cell phone surveillance has never been as desirable. Don’t wait until January 9th to see if your wife is going betray you. Take the initiative and install a top Android or iPhone tracking software program like Auto Forward on her phone today.

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