James Bond – The Best Spy?

Spy Software

It’s not only super spies such as James Bond who can spy on iPhone without installing software; there is software from companies like Mobile Spy World and Hero Searches, that can help you become a modern-day James Bond.

Remote Monitoring

How can you install cell phone spyware remotely? It’s not necessary for someone to be in possession of the “target” cell phone to install the required software and then begin monitoring and tracking the device’s activity. It can all be done remotely. This, of course, means that such tracking and monitoring can be done without the knowledge of the person under surveillance. That’s a major advantage for whoever is acting out the role of James Bond. Not only can they know exactly what the targeted cell phone is being used for, this can all be done without the knowledge of the targeted cell phone’s user.

The Law

In the past, anyone wanting to the best spy on someone’s telephone would have had to apply for a court order to get the necessary permission to carry out the “tap”. These days, the situation is much easier – if you’re James Bond rather than Dr No that is! It’s very much dependant on the prevailing law in the relevant country, with countries like Germany permitting evidence gathered through unauthorized tapping in certain circumstances such as proving the evidence could not be gathered in any other way; in the UK. whilst it’s illegal to carry out tapping, some government agencies have exemption from the law; in the USA it depends on which state the activity is carried out in – some states require the knowledge of both parties to allow recording of a conversation, others only require the authorization of one of the parties. Add to that more recent legislation which often allows governments and other agencies to carry out such activities in the interests of national security, particularly in the fight against global terrorism. In short, it’s quite possible that government agencies are carrying out widespread cell phone tapping legally and within the law.

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