The iPhone Turns 10! Top 4 Reasons Why I Love It!

It’s amazing that the iPhone has been around 10 years! It was first released on June 29th, 2007. This phone has transformed over the years to become one of the most popular and top selling cell phones in the world! Being obsessed with my iPhone 7, here are the reasons why I love it.

Music, Camera, and iCloud Backup In One!

The introduction of the iPhone led to no longer needing to use an iPod. You can just listen to your music through the iTunes App or use Spotify for free. I love the camera functions on my phone, especially the new Clips option which the above GIF was made on! You can make fun videos with graphics and text. No need for clunky video equipment anymore! With the amount of photos and videos I take, it’s great having the iCloud data backup so I don’t lose anything.


Who doesn’t love video calling? I know I do! Facetime is great to use when wanting to chat with family and friends who aren’t nearby. If you are in a relationship, it’s very useful for securing long distance relationships. 




Everyone loves Siri tricks!

Just one word to describe Siri: Fantastic! Using Siri is very easy to use and convenient. I always use Siri to set my work alarm every day and to ask about the local movies playing. You can ask Siri anything such as the trending sports and entertainment news, adding calendar events, and for directions. 

So Many iPhone Emojis!


Emojis are the best!

The amount emoji options on iPhones are unbelievable! There are hundreds to choose from such as the classic smiley face to an astronaut. My favorite emoji is: 💩 . Did you know that the most used texting emoji is the 😂 emoji. 

These are the main reasons I fell in love with my iPhone. Do you love yours? Let us know!

Check out information on the latest iPhone security updates and stay tuned for the Apple Event on September 12th!    

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