Crime Happens—That’s Why Everyone Should Use An iPhone Spy App

Yet another maniac has committed a crime and filmed it with his cell phone, and yes, uploaded it to Facebook for all (including those without an iPhone spy app) to see. 37-year-old Steve Stephens walked up to a 74-year-old man on Easter Sunday in Cleveland and shot that man in cold blood. He filmed it with his phone and then put it on social media—then went on the lam.

By now, you know how important an iPhone spy app is in today’s world. If you’ve been coming to this website, then you understand why we believe in people using an Android and iPhone spy app to protect their family. We’ve provided hundreds of articles touting an iPhone spy app program’s unending ability to weed out perverts, bullies, and hackers. Even if you haven’t frequented this website, you may have come across one of the countless other blogs covering iPhone spy software. Android and iPhone spy app reviews are in abundance and for good reason—they really work!


Who Are The People That Use An iPhone Spy Program?

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There are thousands upon thousands of people across the globe using an Android or iPhone spy program of one kind or another. Some of them may not be a surprise to you all: boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, wives—all who are in some sort of “romantic” relationship. Plain and simple, these individuals use iPhone spy apps to find out if their “loved ones” are cheating on them. It sounds horrible, but that’s how it goes. The world is full of cheaters and not everyone is trusting enough to spend their life with someone unless they have an Android or iPhone spy app around to help them keep tabs on their significant other.

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Countless marriages and relationships have been dissolved—and even saved—because of what a quality iPhone spy program has found. These mobile monitoring programs have revealed the secret texts, calls, and emails that cheaters send and receive on their smartphones. But it’s not just suspicious spouses or lovers who use iPhone spy apps! Parents use Android and iPhone spy programs all the time in order to watch over their children.

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Moms and dads who are worried about their kids sending sexy selfies, browsing XXX porn, being preyed on by sexual predators, or bullied by kids and trolls online use iPhone spy programs all the time. These cell phone surveillance apps allow them to see every text and SMS that their kids get. A really great Android and iPhone spy app also lets them see which websites their kids visit, what they are doing on social media, who they are talking to, what photos they are taking, sending, and receiving—and more! They do it to make sure their children are safe, but also to make certain that they aren’t the perpetrators of unseemly behavior as well.

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Another surprising group of people who are using iPhone spy apps are employers. Business owners, managers, bosses—all use mobile monitoring apps to monitor how their workers use company cell phones. They want to make sure that their employees aren’t abusing their entrusted devices or carrying out any illicit acts with them. They also use these iPhone spy programs to track their traveling or “disappearing” workers. And two other vital needs for an iPhone spy program is to guard against disgruntled workers and to look for signs of one becoming unhinged. Which leads me back to the subject of this article: Steve Stephens.

The Monster within the Man



The nation-wide manhunt for this monster ended recently—with Stephens shooting himself after a short pursuit. According to people who knew him, he was a nice guy. However, the videos that were posted by the suspect show him to be anything other than “nice”. The Facebook posts (which have since been taken down) showed Stephens talking about his girlfriend and about how he was being mistreated by people. In that first video, Stephens proclaimed that he had already killed people because of her and that he was going to do it again. The second clip showed him walk up to 74-year-old Robert Godwin and ask the man if he knew Joy Lane (the name of Stephen’s girlfriend). Godwin flinchingly answered “no” as Stephens pointed a gun at his face. The murderer then said, “She’s the reason why this is about to happen to you,” and then shot the grandfather of 14 dead.

How An iPhone Spy Program Can Prevent Crimes

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Everyone lives on their cellphones today and in social media. Stephens is no different. He, like millions of other people around the world, spend a good amount of their waking day talking, texting, posting, liking, friending, viewing, etc. They practically live and breathe smartphones. That’s why it’s important for people to use an iPhone spy program. A high-quality Android or iPhone spy app can help spot and stop any disturbed individuals from planning and carrying out crimes.

A reliable iPhone spy app or Android surveillance program can alert anyone using it to erratic or troubling behavior. It’s not known yet if Stephens showed any signs of his plan or claims. His girlfriend (who is allegedly the reason for his crime) said that he was a loving and giving man who was always good to her and her children. However, people have secrets. Monsters live within many of us. Maybe Stephens did just “snap”—as he claimed in another post to a friend. Or perhaps he was hiding his evil side for years. One thing we know is that it will be some time before we learn everything. However, had his girlfriend or his parents put an iPhone spy app on his phone, they may have had some clue to Stephens’ unraveling.

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Stephens is not alone—that’s exactly why everyone needs an iPhone spy program

There has been an increasing number of incidents involving people live-streaming or posting their disturbing acts online—a huge reason for why we need to monitor individuals by using an iPhone spy app. Several troubled teens over the last half year have live-streamed their suicides. Evidence of their problems and plans were all over their cell phones and social media accounts. Using an Android and iPhone spy app could’ve revealed these issues to their parents, who could then have confronted and helped their babies deal with them.

There are more and more posts and streams showing vicious beatings, point-of-view shootings, and sexual assaults. More are sure to come because of the constant “need” for people to record and share everything they do and see. Yes, there are plenty of good people recording their lives and experiences, but there are so many bad ones. That’s why every responsible adult should be using an iPhone spy app to monitor loved ones and employees. After all, you never when someone is going to “snap”.

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