Is Your iPhone Safe From Spying? New “Dark Matter” WikiLeaks Documents Released!

Today, March 23rd, new CIA documents known as “Dark Matter” were released by WikiLeaks. In brief, the documents detail that the CIA can spy and break into iPhones and MacBooks! The question remains, Are consumers who have an iPhone and/or MacBooks safe from spying?

CIA Leak

WikiLeaks recently confirmed that it had access to more than 8,000 documents, supposedly taken from the CIA’s Centre for Cyber Intelligence, and including some taken by iPhone Spy and other cell phone spy software. The CIA has refused to comment but WikiLeaks has a strong track record of releasing such sensitive government documents, and experts who have sifted through the documents have indicated they seem genuine.

Where Was the Data Obtained From?

Now, the discovery that the government, and the CIA more specifically, is spying on citizens and gathering data in itself might not seem that much of a revelation, but what is perhaps much more intriguing is where the information was obtained. Some of the data was obtained by using iPhone spy software, as well as Android OS cell phone spy software and, possibly more interestingly, from Samsung smart TVs. These days there are a number of companies able to utilize software to get data from someone else’s cell phone, such as Mobile Spy World and Hero searches, but the ability to gather data from smart TVs is perhaps a new twist.

WikiLeaks vs US Government

This would not be the first time that WikiLeaks have claimed to have obtained confidential documents from high-level government functions, with both the Pentagon and The State Department cited in the past. Should this leak prove to be genuine, it will be another victory for the organization against Washington and the US Government, and most particularly of course, the CIA. Sources within the security industry have confirmed the leak will be “real bad” for the agency.

How was the Data Obtained?

The CIA were supposedly able to record conversations through Samsung TVs that appeared to be turned off, and then send the recordings via the internet to the CIA. As for cell phones, the agency used iPhone spy apps and other cell phone spy apps to gather data from platforms such as Whatsapp, Signal and Telegraph.

Make sure you learn more about how cell phone spy apps and software can be used on devices.

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