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iPhone Users Are Feeling Drained By The New iOS Update

Most experts recommend that every person who uses tech update their software when prompted. However, a good amount of them are warning against doing so with Apple’s iOS 10.1.1.

The Internet and social media are filling up with complaints from all over the globe about the new update draining iPhone’s batteries completely. The update was issued on October 31st of this year but was then replaced on November 9th.

Apple’s support forums have seen a large share of the complaints, with one thread reaching 13 pages long and counting. Twitter has registered hundreds, if not more, remarks about the company and its latest issue.


So what’s the deal, Apple?

The problem seems to begin when a user’s iPhone battery life dips to 30%. Many claim the phone then shuts down right away or drains quickly before their eyes. Some have said that it jumps right back up to 40% after a quick reboot and recharge.

Apple states that it appears to be a hardware issue—primarily, the battery. But complainants are adamant it never occurred before the software update. Needless to say, they are very unhappy. And who can blame them? iPhones are not cheap!

Phone iOS battery drain top spy app

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