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iPhone Apps To Be Thankful For This Year

There’s a lot to thankful for this year. The revolutionary iPhone X was released and the iPhone turned 10! The iPhone wouldn’t be loved by millions without the numerous iOS apps available. With that being said, I asked iPhone users what iPhone apps they are most thankful for.

5 iPhone Apps People Are Thankful For



iPhone apps

Do you love taking pictures of food?

This is one iPhone app many people are addicted to using. Instagram users, including me, absolutely love to post photos of food and pets. Who doesn’t love seeing adorable animals all the time? The app is an easy way for people to share photos of what they like and what they are up to. A plus is that Instagram allows users to connect with and post to their Facebook and Twitter accounts.


Disney Tsum Tsum iOS Game

Michelle M. absolutely loves the Tsum Tsum iOS game! She said, “I am a Disney fanatic and this game is awesome! This game cheers me right up everytime I play it.” In the game, users have to connect 3 or more of the same Tsum Tsum to pop and collect them. There’s even a Fever Mode which helps you get extra points. Popular Disney Tsum Tsums in the game include Mickey, Goofy, Minnie, and Pluto. If you love Disney as much as Michelle does, this mobile game is for you. Watch the trailer for this game below.


Auto Forward Spy App

Parents have said they rely on iPhone spy apps for parenting their children. With Auto Forward, parents can know all of their children’s phone activities without them knowing. Parent Judy W. said, “My teenage is highly secretive and she wouldn’t let me see her social media posts. With a spy app, I can see her posts to make sure she is not being cyberbullied or trolled.” Along with social media posts, parents can see their child’s photos, videos, texts, calls, and GPS location.    



iPhone apps

Do you use Spotify on your iPhone?

First Pandora, then iTunes, and now Spotify. It is the go to iPhone app for users who love music. With this free app, users can listen to practically any music they want to from the latest hits to 70s music. Spotify also provides the ability to create your own playlists. User Molly A. said, “I used to pay for songs on iTunes but when Spotify came out, it was a life saver! I now can enjoy all my favorite songs without breaking my bank.”


Waze is a popular navigation app that many iPhone users said they can’t live without. It gets you to your destination in the quickest amount of time possible avoiding traffic, polls, and police. Users can save addresses under their favorites and search for local restaurants, gas stations, and parking. Waze user Jack R. said, “I don’t know how I survived using Google Maps for so many years. Waze is more efficient, easier to use, and gets me to where I need to go fast.”

These are just five of the millions of iOS apps iPhone owners use. What iPhone apps are you thankful for this year?

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