iOS Monitoring Software and the Other Amazing Features of the iOS 10

iPhone is without a doubt the most popular smartphone in the world, and which makes it incompatible with numerous apps and iOS monitoring software. One of the things that make iPhone users love their handsets are the many excellent features of the iOS that not any other mobile phone operating systems offer.

Here we’re going to look at some of the best features of the iOS 10 that will make you love iPhone even more:


Apple has now integrated widgets on the lock screen of iPhone, making it more useful even without you actually opening the app. Widgets enable iPhone users to see weather updates, calendar appointments, and other information by simply swiping left from the lock screen. 3D Touch on a sports app like ESPN will also allow users to check on game scores and updates.

Delete Default Apps

Many iPhone users still rely on Compass, but it’s really taking up too much space on the home screen. With the new iOS 10, you can finally delete several of the apps that iPhone comes with by default, including Mail and Stocks.

Emoji Tap

In iOS 10, you can type out a sentence, and as you choose the emoji keyboard, certain words will be highlighted in the Messages app. These are the words that can be replaced with an emoji. All you need to do is tap the highlighted words and suggested emojis will appear. Select an emoji and it will instantly replace the words in your text message.


iPhone is known for its exclusivity in that it does not allow the downloading and installation of third party apps. Yes, you can only get apps available in the iStore. The good news is that there are now more apps available for iPhone users. What’s new with the iOS 10 is that iMessage app now has its own App Store. So you can now enjoy services for travelling, ordering food and shopping right in your iMessage app.

And speaking of apps, many users are happy that there are now more free spy phone and apps available in the market. Monitoring apps have also evolved and are now made compatible with the newest OS from Apple.

Apple Music

Since its launch last year, it appears that Apple Music has been a huge success. It now has more than 20 million paying subscribers particularly for the streaming service.

Improved Maps

Apple Maps received a lot of criticisms when it first came out. But it has seen a lot of upgrades and improvements over the years, and now it has several new features like public transport.

If you’re still using an older version of the iOS, it’s time to consider switching to the iOS 10. Don’t worry if you have spy software iPhone 5 installed because apps like Auto Forward can be installed even on the newest versions of the iOS.

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