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Important Reasons Parents Must Use WhatsApp Spy

The fact that instant messaging services have become very popular among young people, particularly teenagers, has prompted many parents to install spy mobile software on their teen’s devices. But why do parents think that instant messaging, like that using WhatsApp, may not be suitable for their children?

What is WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is a messaging service that allows users to send and receive unlimited text messages, photo and video messages, and even audio files over the Internet. Teenagers like this app mainly because it is free and very simple to use. WhatsApp also works on the same data plan for web browsing and email.

Anyone who has a mobile phone can send messages, free of cost. They can also create groups, and messages can be sent across various social media platforms. With these features, it’s not surprising that at least 630 million people are using WhatsApp.

So what makes WhatsApp not suitable for children and teenagers? Why do parent need to consider using a WhatsApp spy software for their children’s mobile devices?

Primary Dangers of WhatsApp for Teens

  1. No user password is required to use WhatsApp. This feature may seem convenient for users, but it can also be dangerous to teenagers. Anyone, even those who are not friends with the owner of the cell phone, who gets unauthorized access to your teen’s phone can easily send messages using this app. Of course, it would appear that your teen is the one sending the message, which could be offensive to the recipient of the message.
  2. WhatsApp allows users to send video clips and customizable photos, which is very conducive for sharing inappropriate photos and videos, as well as sexting. The good thing about spyware for iPhone is it makes it possible for parents to view all kinds of messages sent and received on their teen’s phone, including WhatsApp messages.
  3. There’s no strict age requirement for those who want to use this app. It appears that one has to be at least 16 years old to be allowed to use WhatsApp, but the problem is it’s way too easy for young people to enter a fake birthdate. As a result, even those below 16 are able to use WhatsApp.
  4. There’s a technique called ‘grooming’, which is often used by online predators. What they do is look for unprotected children and teens on other platforms such as Facebook. Once they build a connection with an unsuspecting teen, they will suggest using WhatsApp for a more private conversation. This is where the connection becomes more inappropriate.

Clearly, there are things about WhatsApp that can put your teen in danger. But with the help of spyware for iPhone like Highster Mobile, you can be in control and you’ll be able to know if your teen should be prohibited from using such instant messaging app.

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