Hurricane Matthew Blitzes Florida And The East Coast: Here’s How To Track Friends And Loved Ones In Its Wake

Hurricane Matthew is bearing down on the southeastern coast of the United States—and many family members nationwide are wondering if their loved ones will be okay.

Now registered as a Category 4 hurricane, Matthew is bringing its stinging rain and howling winds straight onto land. The National Hurricane Center expects it to hit at midnight tonight. They warn it will cause incredible damage as it makes its way up the coast from Miami to South Carolina.

“This storm will kill you.”


“Evacuate, evacuate, evacuate…. Time is running out,” said Florida’s Governor Rick Scott in a press conference. He wasn’t being overly dramatic. Matthew has caused the death of at least 113 people across Haiti, Cuba, and the Bahamas. It now threatens to attack America with sustained winds ranging between 130 and 156 miles per hour and at a speed of 14 miles per hour.

hurricane-matthew-tracking-family-and-friendsScott canceled tollways in numerous areas that will be affected and requested that President Obama declare a state of emergency ahead of the storm’s arrival.

According to reports, most people are taking it seriously. Houses have been boarded up and shelters are quickly filling—with families showing up in droves. Convenience store shelves have been stripped—with shoppers stocking up on any and all supplies. Gas stations have been practically drained of all fuel. And the highways are jam-packed with evacuees.


Fleeing Hurricane Matthew.

One man, Mark H. from Cocoa Beach, left yesterday morning in hopes of beating the traffic. “We came here to Orlando, because we live less than a thousand feet from the beach in Cocoa Beach. I’m hoping that Orlando is west enough of the storm’s direct path. At first, I thought it was, but now … I’m not so sure.”

Mark said that he and his family wished they could have brought more with them in their small Ford Fiesta.  They had to settle on the bare necessities, as well as a few items of real sentimental value. “We left my son’s turtle and basically everything else. It breaks my heart, but we had no room in the car.” Mark looked at his vehicle as he was filling up the gas tank in Orlando. “They’re saying 9-foot surges…. We may not have a home to come back to.”


How to find someone before, during, and after the storm.

That may be a sad truth for Mark and a lot of other coastal residents. Even if the storm doesn’t destroy as many homes and businesses, its effect will be felt far and wide. Phone, Wi-Fi, and cable services will be disrupted and people will not know how to get hold of family and friends. Many people today have some form of iPhone monitoring software on loved ones’ devices. One of the big advantages of a good Android or iPhone spy app is the ability to track someone with the GPS locator. Once a targeted phone gets within a working zone, you’ll be able to pinpoint that location to within fifty feet. You could then call or text that person or access their phone remotely in order to see if they are using it. They may be updating their status on Facebook, Tweeting, or Snapchatting with someone else. You could see that with a good iPhone monitoring app and know that they are fine.

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