How To Spy On Text Messages On Your Teens Cell Phone

Cell phone monitor software have been around for some time now. However, they have different features and capabilities. Today, they are able to keep the record of calls made and activities on various social networks. If you have a teen, you may want to track their text conversations. You are not the only parent who has interest in their children’s phone usage. Parents of young kids use various methods to control what their child is exposed to. According to, among parents with children less than 8 years old, they use the following methods to help control their child’s media content access:

  • 56 percent of parents watch or play the content first
  • 34 percent of parents listen to recommendations from friends
  • 33 percent of parents rely on the reputation of the company
  • 25 percent of parents allow the child to find it themselves
  • 13 percent of parents check website reviews
  • 5 percent of parents check newspaper or magazine reviews.

This worry comes about because recent studies have shown that kids spend almost eight hours on phones. The headache of most parents is what they do on the devices. Usually, they use texts to communicate. How do you spy on text messages?

Download the cell phone monitoring software

The first step to tracking your child’s messages is to install the app. Do not just use any application. Surepoint spy is software that is capable of providing you with message logs, GPS logs, call logs, email, video, photo and other logs. For this app, it does not matter, whether the kid has deleted some of the messages, as they will be availed to you. Sometimes, teenagers can withdraw, meaning it is a nightmare, to try getting any information from them. It is at this time, a tracking app becomes an asset. Surepoint spy is available on

Install on their phones

If you are using Surepoint spy software, it will be easier to install it in any device since it is compatible with Android as well as iOS. It takes minutes to launch the software in the cell phone and it does not require technical expertise. Once installed, it starts working immediately. It is worth noting that this app does not call for a monthly fee, but you only need to make one payment, after which you enjoy its benefits.

Get to know what your kid has been up to      

No matter how much you try to have a cordial relationship with your teen, they will never open up to you about some things. But, you cannot let them be, since that could be disastrous. It is your responsibility to know whom they are talking to and what the conversation is all about. Surepoint makes it easier for you to read text messages sent and received through the target phone.

Some conversations can be innocent whereas others can be bad. You may uncover that your teen daughter is keeping bad company, sexting with people of their age or even older people who can turn into child abusers. Stats like, in 26% of online sex crimes against minors, offenders disseminated information and/or pictures of the victim through the victim’s personal social networking site, from make it all too real that these do actually happen.  It is possible to stop such relations before it is too late. The beauty with the text message spy is that it retrieves even those messages, which the kid may have deleted from the inbox. You are the guardian, and it’s your duty to protect your kid. Thus, it is important to control their phone usage.

Teenagers are secretive about their life. Even at that, it is the duty of the parent to do everything possible to ensure that their child is keeping out of trouble. This will not be easy but with the cell phone monitoring software such as the Surepoint spy, it is possible. Track all the messages in the phone with this app, to ensure your child does not get into trouble.