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How Can Cell Phone Monitoring Software Help Me Monitor a Person’s Cell Phone?

Before selecting a cell phone monitoring software you need to figure out what your specific monitoring needs are. These kinds of software can be helpful in a variety of ways to different kinds of people. Parents and employers both have enjoyed the benefits of monitoring someone else’s phone. Parents use it to make sure their teens and tweens don’t misuse the internet and the applications on it, while employers use this kind of software to check on the productivity of their employees and make sure they’re not wasting company time on their phones. While both groups have differing needs, one product works best for both, Easy Spy cell phone monitoring software.

How can one product work for two different needs? Easy Spy has an assortment of features that are tailored to do exactly what these two groups need. As for parents, monitoring your child is something we’ve always done, whether it’s been watching over them at the park, supervising a play date, or putting together the class party; you’ve always been there to watch over them and make sure they’re okay. Unfortunately though, the world is changing.

You remember that old commercial that would come on, “It’s 10 o’clock. Do you know where your children are?”

The updated version might be: “Do you know who — and what — your child is texting?”

Cell Phones and Cyberbullying

Text messaging and cell phones have taken over the world of our teenagers and sometimes it could be a good thing and sometimes it could do more harm than good. With the world at the fingertips of every teenager, immaturity and all, it can force them to grow up too quickly, get into things that aren’t age-appropriate, make connections with people they don’t know and who could mobile spy softwarebe potential internet predators, and other worse fates. Think about it this way for example. A mom thinks it’s a little odd that her daughter hasn’t been much of herself lately. Not eating, talking less, and all in all being a little more secluded than usual. Mom uses Easy Spy software to view her text messages and social media because let’s face it, kids are more likely to talk to their friends about their problems than their mom in their teen years. Much to mom’s dismay, she finds that she’s not talking to any of her friends about the problems she’s having, but she soon discovers the real issue on her Facebook page. Her daughter is being bullied. Bullying happens every day, but the part that makes cyberbullying especially intrusive is it can happen 24/7 365 days a year, not allowing the child anywhere to retreat away from the bullying. A study on, found that 1 in 4 teens have been the victims of bullying, and about 1 in 6 admit to having cyberbullied someone. This woman’s daughter exhibited the clear signs of cyberbullying as outlined by

These signs a child is a victim of cyber-bullying include:

  • Not wanting to go to school
  • A sharp drop in grades
  • Skipping school
  • Sudden self-esteem issues
  • Complaints of illnesses
  • Use of alcohol or drugs
  • Changes in sleep or eating patterns
  • Loss of interest in activities
  • Increased feelings of sadness and loneliness

This is a realistic threat for every teenager in today’s technological world. Everyone has a cell phone by age 10 and the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. to go along with it. These simple applications made for enjoyment are now a weapon and an avenue for cyberbullies to use on their victims. According to recent PEW data, “15% of online teens have had private material forwarded without permission, 13% have received threatening messages and 6% have had embarrassing photos posted without permission” and this is all initiated through social media and their cell phones.

This is an all too real occurrence, but with the help of mobile spying software we can work to fight this injustice. Just like the child in the example many children feel that they don’t want to talk to their parents about the fact that they’re being bullied, but by using Easy Spy you’ll be able to see everything that goes on in your young teen’s life, showing you all their text messages, calls and social media, which is basically their lives right now. This software will allow you to continue to have a watchful eye over your teen and intervene when you feel necessary while giving them the freedom they desire so much. With the help of Easy Spy cell phone monitoring software, we can identify the bullies and their victims and put an end to bullying, at least cyberbullying, once and for all.



Sniff out the “Time Wasters” with Cell Phone Monitoring Software

Workplace bullies are definitely a real thing too, but that’s not that most pressing issue in the workplace. In the workplace, the mobile spy softwareadults can take care of their issues themselves and work it out and honestly they’re old enough now that hopefully, they’ve grown out of the bullying. The most relevant issue is employees wasting time on their cell phone instead of spending their time being productive and making their respective companies money. In a “Wasting Time at Work” survey 89% of respondents say they waste time at work! This was way up from the 69% from last year. But that wasn’t the only thing that increased. The increase also came in the amount of time that the respondents said they wasted in a day.

The breakdown for time wasted is:

  • 31% waste roughly 30 minutes daily
  • 31% waste roughly 1 hour daily
  • 16% waste roughly 2 hours daily
  • 6% waste roughly 3 hours daily
  • 2% waste roughly 4 hours daily
  • 2% waste 5 or more hours daily

In looking at this data, you can conclude that wasting time at work is a real issue. I mean look at those last few stats! At least 4 % of the people in this study wasted about half the average work day or more! The first thing an employer should do with Easy Spy cell phone monitoring software would be to find out exactly where they are wasting their time the most, then you can ban those activities and try and nip the productivity bug in the butt. Also found on, the places where these survey mobile spy softwareparticipants said they waste most of their time. This year 24 percent say that Google is the biggest online time-waster, with Facebook coming in second at 23%, Linked In at 3 with 14%, followed by Yahoo (7%), Amazon (2%), YouTube (2%), ESPN (2%), and Pinterest, Twitter, and Craigslist all at 1%.  Now it’s unreasonable to think that an employer will walk around the office all day and try to see the problems with their own eyes. That would be a ridiculous waste of their own time and they’d probably get to do nothing but that all day, therefore creating an even larger productivity issue for the company. A way to combat that kind of issue is to employ a cell phone monitoring program, such as Easy Spy. Easy Spy will do the looking for you. It delivers all activities of the target phones in a concise control panel. This will allow you to just sign into your control panel and monitor what your employees are doing and saying on their mobile phones without getting up from your desk.

This kind of software also becomes especially useful in industries like moving companies, delivery systems, chain restaurants and other employees that do most of their work outside the main workplace. In addition to the text message, call logs, and social media, the GPS features allow you to know exactly where your employees are at all times of the day when they’re off-site.

“I’ve recently started managing two employees who work off-site — one from a branch office across the country and one who works from home. I’m used to having my team in the same location as me and I’m uneasy about how to manage well from a distance, especially when it comes to making sure they’re on top of their work.”

Trust in the Workplace

mobile spy softwareMany employers feel the same way as this employer venting on Daily Worth. Managing employees when you can’t just look outside your office door is a nerve-wracking thing. Trust in business is an elusive thing, and according to there are a few things you need to ask your employees before you can really begin to trust them. The 5 questions being:

  1. How committed are team members to keeping their obligations? When leaders and employees make and keep their promises, they see strong trust and respect across the organization. If they frequently make commitments but fail to keep them, they see frustration and self-serving behavior.
  2. Do employees hold peers accountable for their commitments?In an environment of trust, people are free and have the confidence to be direct and assertive when promises are missed, and quick to thank others when they’re kept.
  3. What happens when circumstances cause people to fail to keep commitments?Ideally, the promiser should update all stakeholders who are affected so that they know well in advance, and should do all that they can to move to an appropriate and acceptable “Plan B” or even enlist the stakeholders in helping them arrive at a mutually acceptable “Plan C.”
  4. Do team members consider promises to customers to be no more and no less important than their promises to peers?Think about this closely. If it is easy to forget a promise to a co-worker, it is just as easy to neglect a promise to a customer as well.
  5. Is everyone at your organization willing to forgive themselves and one another?Sometimes it’s easier to forgive others than it is to extend that grace to yourself. Similar to the principle of self-respect I discussed last week, we need to learn to smile at our shortcomings and forgive our own follies, day to day, as we work to continually grow and succeed.

Following asking these questions of your employees is trust still a foreign commodity? Validate the answers by using Easy Spy cell phone monitoring software.

Easy Spy will allow you to see everything your employees do on their cell phones on a daily basis, from every text, call, email, and message they send or receive, all social media activity and any picture and video they take and send. For example, say you have an employee that you just are uneasy about. He never seems like he’s getting that much work done in a day, never looks busy enough at all, and just generally makes you feel like he’s slacking off. You have a meeting with him and tell him you’re installing the Easy Spy software on his company phone. Once you look into his phone you see he’s been goofing off messaging all his buddies on Facebook about the baseball game last night, texted his girlfriend 42 times during the day and posted a picture of his lasted doodle to his Instagram. And that was just one day! That is the power of Easy Spy cell phone monitoring! Allowing you to weed out every bad employee from the good and make your business a better place.

Cell phone monitoring software is a great way to ensure you keep your life, your loved ones and your sanity in check. With any issue you’re having, whether it’s in mobile spy softwareyour work or personal life, Easy Spy can be employed and be a life saver. It can even be useful to employ it on your own phone! Say you lose your phone. You can turn on the GPS location feature and the stealth camera on and know exactly where your phone is in an instant. It’s definitely an instant lifesaver!

Easy Spy, just like the internet and cell phones, is revolutionizing the way we interact and speak with others. Hopefully, cell phone monitoring software can combat all the negative so we can start to enjoy the benefits of all of this technology we have developed. Easy Spy can create a more beneficial technological, specifically cell phone, experience.