Highster Mobile: When You Need to Use Mobile Spy Software at Work

If you’ve ever been the owner of a company you know there are many personalities that you need to manage. In those personalities you have those people that just aren’t good employees. Bad employees being people that are moody, lazy, uncooperative, distracted, difficult and all around just untrustworthy people that you generally don’t want anywhere near your business. Bad employees can really take away from the success of your business. They can distract good employees, share sensitive company information, not cooperate on projects, not complete their daily tasks, and many more. Your business is your baby and its your job to protect it at all times.

THE GOOD – Excellent No-Jailbreak program that does not require access to the device. Free lifetime upgrades and LIVE people answering the phones. Superb for iPhones and iPads.

THE BAD – No Geo-Fencing for parents to see if their kids have gone past a certain area of focus.

THE BOTTOM LINE – It’s affordable, while giving you all the power, performance, and speed you need. With No Monthly Fees and a $69 price tag, you can’t go wrong.

If you’ve ever suspected that one of your employees is sharing company secrets, not doing the best job they’re capable of, is being catty with another employee, or anything of that sort that could qualify them as a “bad” employee, Highster Mobile is the best mobile spy software for your company. You think they’re adults and can handle themselves in adverse situations at work or can be dedicated to doing the best job they can since you’re paying them to do that job, but sometimes even the best employees just revert back to high school for a minute. With it’s advanced features and easy installation, Highster Mobile can monitor your entire office quickly and easily, collecting all extracted data into the control panel and helping you to see exactly what is going on in your business and save it from those bad eggs.

Here are those features you can expect to see in your control panel once you’ve downloaded the Highster Mobile mobile spy software:

Text messages: This software can extract all incoming, outgoing and deleted texts. This becomes important in a business because it allows you to see if any of your employees are texting friends or family too often, as well as if they’re sharing company secrets with non-coworkers. You are able to see exactly what they’re writing, what is being sent to them, who they sending to or receiving from and what time it was sent/received.
GPS location: This feature becomes especially important to you if you own a business with employees working outside the office. Let’s say you own a moving company, real estate agency, or contracting business, you can monitor that they’re exactly where they’re supposed to be throughout the day and that they’re going to the right place at the right time, without making too many unnecessary stops.
Call log: Monitor your company cell phone and with Highster Mobile mobile spy you will be able to see who your employee is calling and who’s calling them, as well as what time and how long that conversation went on for. So if you think Judy is calling her husband way too much, you can monitor when she calls each day and pick a time to catch her in the act.
Browser history: Did you think Shannon was looking down at her phone way too much at the meeting this morning? You Mobile Spy Worldwould be able to go into your control panel and see everything she was doing on the internet, even what websites she went on, when she went on it and how long she was on each of the sites for. You can tell if it was an appropriate site for at work or if she was just commenting on the Facebook post her friend put up that morning.
Social media: Social media has become insanely popular recently, but it’s also been cited as a real time waster at work, causing an increasing amount of people to waste more than half their day at work checking their profiles. Highster Mobile monitors all popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Linked in, Viber and more!
Email: Email is almost exclusively used for company communication (other than the clothing store subscriptions that everyone gets annoyed by). Anyway, all your secure company data is in those emails, from payroll and last month’s sales to personal employee and customer data, just one forward away from going out to anyone else. By using a iPhone spy app you have the ability to see who and where every email is sent and received from and what time it was done.
Photos & Video. Almost everyone has a smartphone now and they all come with camera capabilities. Imagine the bad employee going into the secure company data and taking pictures of everything, sending it to the competition. It’s definitely happened, but don’t let it happen to you. Be aware of everything your employee does with their company cell phone camera.

Highster Mobile No-Jailbreak Features:

  • iMessages and text messages – You will see the exact message as it was displayed on the mobile device. The date and time will also be available.
  • Calls – Records all calls data for fast and easy examination.
  • GPS Tracking – A complete history of the devices location displayed on a Google Map.
  • Email – All contents of every email sent and received including date, time and to whom the email was sent or received from.
  • Social Media – Facebook posts and IMs. Twitter, SnapChat, Instagram and all other popular platforms.
  • Website history – A complete list of all websites visited on the device.
  • Photos – All photos stored on the target phone.
  • Videos – All videos can be viewed exactly as they appear on the device.

These are just a sample of what you will see when you use the No-Jailbreak program. Their program will extract just about every activity that occurs on the monitored device.

  • Supported Apple Devices: iPhone 6, 6plus, iPhone 5, 5S, 5C. iPad, iPad mini.
  • Supported iOS: All iOS versions are currently supported.

Visit their site: http://highstermobile.co/iphone-spy-no-jailbreak-needed/

Highster MobileHighster Mobile is an impressive program, with features that would be beneficial to any type of company. Whether you own a mobile company or a large office, you can’t watch over your employees all day. You’ll end up getting none of the work done that you’re supposed to do. Monitoring your employees is in the best interest of your company, protecting it from any unwarranted sharing of company data. Don’t think of it as an invasion of your employee’s privacy as most people do. During normal work hours your employees should be working in the sole interest of making your company more profitable and successful and concerning themselves with distractions and sharing trusted company information is definitely not the best practice to get the most out of the work day. You have a responsibility to your company and good employees to sniff out the bad employees and bad practices, to ensure the best future for your company. Highster Mobile is the best way to make sure you do this and make the most of your day.

How It works

The program is downloaded by using an OTA (Over-the air) link, which allows the app to be downloaded directly to the target phone. No cable connection is required and the entire process takes just a few minutes. After the app is downloaded, data from the target phone will be accessed. You can view data from the target phone on your cell phone, tablet or computer. You do not need access to the phone you want to monitor to see data from that phone.

Highster Mobile


Highster Mobile

Pricing and Fees

With a one time cost of only $69.99 and no additional cost and no monthly fees, you simply can’t go wrong. In my opinion, it is worth every penny.

Does Highster Mobile Deliver?

Highster Mobile is an excellent choice for anyone needing to monitor a cell phone or mobile device. It enables a person to remotely gather vast amounts of information from virtually any cell phone or tablet. Information gathered includes: text messages, calls, GPS tracking data, web browsing history, social media messages and postings, photos, videos and just about anything else that is stored on the monitored device and much more.

Perhaps the most impressive feature of this program is its ability to extract and retrieve deleted text messages from the target phone. This program has the unique ability to capture  text messages from the monitor device even if they have been deleted. So, if the user of the target device sends a receives a text message and then immediately deletes that message, Highster Mobile will be able to capture and retrieve that message so you can see it.

In addition to this,  you will also be able to extract much older text messages that had been deleted days, weeks, months or perhaps, even years ago. It all depends on what is available within the target phone. It is not uncommon for users to retrieve the text message that had been deleted for more than a year.

When looking at all other options I definitely saw that Highster Mobile was the best mobile spy software for my particular needs. Another notable program I noticed in my search was SurePoint Spy Trusted Mobile Monitoring. The only reason I chose Highster Mobile over Surepoint for my company was because I felt that it was more effective at monitoring my business.

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