Furries posing for iPhone spy app

Furry Fiends Murder Their Furry Friends

With the amount of violence in the world today, it’s a really good idea for parents to install a high-quality iPhone spy app on their teen’s phone. iPhone monitoring software can help a parent keep tabs on what their kids are doing on their iPhone, as well as in the real world. A recent story out of California illustrates the importance of a mobile monitoring app—and how it could have saved a couple from being killed.

Husband and wife, Christopher and Jennifer Yost were found murdered on Saturday morning in Fullerton, California. Another man, family friend Arthur Boucher, was also killed. The crime was reported to police by the couple’s 6-year old daughter. Both the little girl and her 9-year old sister were unharmed. However, their 17-year old daughter went missing. Police eventually came to suspect that she may have had something to do with their deaths.

Most family iPhone spy photo

The Yost family in happier times.

After a quick search, Fullerton police arrested Frank Felix (aged 25) and Joshua Acosta (aged 21) and charged them with the murders of both Yosts and Mr. Boucher. They also reported that they had a 17-year old female in their custody, but did not say if it was the missing teen. In the same statement, the authorities confirmed that they found Kaitlynn Goodwill Yost.

iPhone spy pic of Felix and Acosta

Accused murderers and occasional furries, Frank Felix and Joshua Acosta.

Fury over Kaitlynn’s furry friends.

Details are still coming in about the investigation—which is ongoing—but some information about Kaitlynn’s life is coming to light. According to friends of Yost, the 17-year old had known the killers for some time—all having met at “furry” events. “Furries” are people who dress up as giant animals. They attend “cons,” parties, and other events with like-minded individuals.

Furries at a convention. Monitor them with an iPhone spy app

Furries at a convention.

According to Kaitlynn’s friend Melinda Giles, the 17-year old Yost girl had recently been forbidden by her parents to see the older killer, Frank Felix. “To protect her daughter, Chris and Jenn were like, ‘We don’t want you to be friends with our daughter anymore,” said Giles about Kaitlynn’s parents. “It is really sad because they didn’t deserve that. Those little girls didn’t deserve to wake up to dead parents.” Giles went on to say how nice and generous the couple were—adding how they had personally helped her move into her new home.

Apparently, the entire Yost clan were into the furry movement—with both the mother and father attending events with their daughter. According to Chris Yost’s cousin, it was a new thing for him. Fellow furry, Ray Arechiga, said that Jennifer, Kaitlynn, and Felix were all part of the furry community. He said that the kind mother often tried to help friendly furries with their problems. “She really is a loveable member of the community,” stated the 23-year old college student.

Kaitlynn Yost and her furry friends iPhone spy pic

Kaitlynn Yost and Her Furry Friends.

Why you should monitor your teen with an iPhone spy app.

No matter how well you think you know your child, you should still install an iPhone spy app on their smart device. Teenagers can get into all sorts of trouble—in both the digital and real world. A quality iPhone spy app can alert parents to any suspicious circumstances immediately. They can get important insight into their teen’s life by monitoring their social media activity and texts. They can see who is talking to them on Snapchat. And they can track their whereabouts via the app’s GPS locator.

Perhaps if the Yosts had installed iPhone monitoring software on their daughter’s phone, they may have gotten some hint of her or her “friend’s” intentions and been able to seek protection from the police. Of course, no one will ever know now.

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