Don’t Go Swimming With Your New iPhone 7!

Apple’s new iPhone 7 has a bunch of new changes to the beloved iPhone, and one thing that has gotten people excited is the new “water-resistant” feature we have all been waiting for.  Wouldn’t it be a dream to swim with the fishes and show off your underwater photography skills all over Instagram?!

Don’t jump in the water with your iPhone just yet!giphy

While there are other technology items out there you can submerge in water, such as the GoPro, the iPhone 7 is not one of them.

Hearing “water-resistant” may prompt some people to think it is the same as “waterproof.” Unfortunately, there is a huge difference between the two.




In order to clarify things, Apple has posted guidance for its customers to eliminate any confusion. Firstly, in the screenshot, Apple explicitly calls the iPhone 7 water-resistant, not waterproof.  To take things further, they also include the word “accidentally,” which obviously implies they do not want you to intentionally wet the phone.

Then they give us this tidbit of information:


The specific “tested under controlled laboratory conditions” lets us know that our real-world experiences could be very different than what the phone has been tested for.  They also explain that the water-resistance could even decrease as you use it, further making the point that these phones are definitely not waterproof.  And if your phone ends up having liquid damage, you’re on your own!


To make sure you avoid liquid damage, Apple provides a list of do’s and don’ts to protect your new phone:


Now, these are pretty much the same things you should be doing with any iPhone, so it doesn’t seem that the water-resistance is actually preventing anything.

If you ARE unfortunate enough to get your iPhone wet, Apple gives you some guidelines:


Charging your phone when it’s wet will be a no-go.  Apple says you must wait at least 5 hours until it is completely dry in order to charge it again.

There ya have it! Enjoy your new iPhone 7/7plus, and make sure to stay away from water!

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