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4 Criminals So Dumb, They’ll Melt Your Brain.

Stupid people are everywhere. On the road. In the office. At the store. In your home. Just how stupid a person really is can become the subject of much debate, but the following individuals leave very little room for argument.

Below you’ll find some of the dumbest criminals in the world. Why are they dumb? Well, because their crimes are beyond the ridiculous. Almost beyond belief! Almost.

Dumb Criminal #1: TRAVIS TARRANTS

Dumb criminal Travis Tarrants Auto Forward iPhone spy

One idjit in the state of Indiana was arrested for mailing dead skunks to a job rival. According to police, 40-year old Travis Tarrants mailed the deceased varmints to the home of a 4th grade teacher in hopes of getting him to quit. He also spray-painted the educator’s car with “You will die” messages. In addition, he called the county’s department of child protective services and accused the teacher of molesting a 15-year old student.

Dumb Criminal #2: MICHAEL HENSON

Dumb criminal Michael Henson Auto Forward iPhone spy

In a case of real-life vandalism, one man took the saying, “If this van’s a rockin’ don’t come knockin’” a little too seriously. 35-year old drunk, Michael Henson, was spotted jamming his privates into the grill of a red van in Dayton, Ohio. When police arrived, they found Henson, dressed in just black shorts and shoes, passed out the witness’ lawn. The woke him and arrested him for indecent exposure.

Dumb Criminal #3: AMY SHARP

Dumb criminal Amy Sharp Auto Forward iPhone spy

An 18-year old Aussie named Amy Sharp had escaped from a correctional facility after being arrested for “property offenses.” When she saw some less-than-flattering mug shots of herself circulating in the media, the not-so-sharp Sharp tried to submit better pictures of herself. Needless to say, these “sharper” shots helped police identify the genius when she was out and about—landing her back in jail.

Dumb Criminal #4: CHRISTOPHER WADE

Dumb criminal Christopher Wade Auto Forward iPhone spy

One Tennessean man took his love of 1987’s romantic comedy, Mannequin, to hard—I mean heart! Andrew-McCarthy-wannabe, Christopher Wade, was caught by police in bed with a scantily-dressed mannequin that he stole from Hustler Hollywood in Nashville. 55-year old Wade, who ran off with the lingerie model, was reportedly drunk when he tossed “her” into the back of his pickup. Apparently, the real-life-dummy truly believed that “nothing’s gonna stop us”—not even the plastic woman’s hand which fell off during his escape. However, he was wrong.

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