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Creepy Clowns 2: Electric BOOgaloo

The creepy clowns aren’t going away—and there’s a chance they’re coming to a neighborhood near you!

The clown sightings are happening again, similar to the sightings of 2016. People all over the country have reported sightings of individuals dressed liked creepy clowns. But it’s not just people dressed in clown garb that’s got many all riled up; it’s what they’re doing.

Police have confirmed that many individuals have been chased and threatened by clowns with two major incidents so far.  

Creepy clowns are not a joke.

creepy clowns

A lot of parents are concerned. There have been numerous accounts of clowns trying to coax children into the woods or to some secluded area.

Most incidents of clowning around have been the work of harmless pranksters. However, a few have been much more serious.The lurings for one thing. The weapons-in-hand secondly. No one knows just how serious a clown encounter may be. Nobody can truly know what a clown’s motives are. Maybe they are just trying to scare a few people for fun. But maybe their intentions are far more ominous.

In Ironton, Ohio, there have been many creepy clown sightings already. The authorities are already receiving 911 calls about people dressed as scary clowns. In one specific incident, a teenager was arrested for being dressed as a scary clown and waving a club at children.

Then in Florida, an 11-year-old boy was attacked by a creepy clown who jumped out of the bushes. The child was simply riding his bike near his school and the clown came out of nowhere. In self-defense, the boy hit the clown with his selfie stick. The clown was never found.

Quit clowning around.

Stephen King’s classic novel, It, was recently brought to the big screen. With this being said, the IT Halloween costume will be highly common this year. Even though many are going to be dressed as this iconic character, doesn’t mean they will be scary and clowning around.  

creepy clowns

The horror master even tweeted out a message to calm the public down. “Hey, guys, time to cool the clown hysteria—most of em are good, cheer up the kiddies, make people laugh.”

Creepy clowns are no laughing matter.

After a number of clown arrests for various reasons, police are telling pranksters to cut the s*IT. Authorities are now adamantly recommending that no one dress up as a clown this Halloween, especially at school. They warn that whether it’s a joke or not, someone—especially an officer—is not going to find it funny.

Experts agree that if you want to keep your kids safe, you should talk to them about stranger danger. You should also accompany younger kids wherever they go. Also, if you have a teen who may want to join in on the fun, convince them otherwise.

Protect your kids with Auto Forward.

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Creepy clowns are here to stay.  

This whole creepy clown situation doesn’t look like it will be going away anytime soon. Some brands are even taking advantage of it. Burger King, for example, has a #ScaryClownNight special. Is this really necessary?


Just know, the authenticity of many of these clown encounters are questionable. But some are quite chilling. There are more than a few of them in cornfields—and in broad daylight—and they still manage to be creepy.

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