Cop Car Torched. Do You Know Where Your Teen Is?

In the wake of Black Lives Matter and even more cop killings, a police car was found torched in Florida—adding to the boiling tension between peace officers and the public. With all of this craziness how can you make sure your teen is safe?

Law enforcement officials all across the country have been doubling up patrols and adding extra units on the ground since the two recent ambushes on police officers in Dallas Texas and Baton Rouge, Louisiana. From San Diego to New York City, everyone—including the public—is on high alert after the rising death toll from those murders.

Now, a new case of cop-hate has occurred and police are taking it very seriously. The Huffington Post reported:

“Racial tensions may have led arsonists to torch a police car in Daytona Beach, Florida on Sunday where a note was found referencing the Black Lives Matter movement, authorities said.

The vehicle had been parked outside a local mosque around 2:30 a.m. when Daytona Beach police suspect that it was intentionally set ablaze.

A handwritten note that police said was found at the scene read: ‘Black Lives Matter A. Sterling P. Castile F―k the police.’

Black Lives Matter leaders didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.”

This latest incident—along with the increasing violence against police across the nation—are supposedly in response to the police shootings of unarmed men in the United States. Most recently, Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, were killed in separate events—one in Louisiana and the other in Minnesota. Both of those deaths sparked outrage across the country and led to multiple protests.

As for the car in Daytona, whoever committed the act may have known that it was what police dub, a “ghost car.” A ghost car is a vehicle that is left empty in an area in order to deter criminals from doing anything—but even if the perpetrator committed this act of vandalism with no intent to actually harm an officer, his or her message of hate was clear, and the police aren’t taking any chances.

So who is doing this? It could very well be the work of a misguided teen. After all, many young men think they have the answers and don’t think twice about responding in a rash manner. Teenagers are especially misinformed and act rashly when incited. That’s why it’s up to the parents to connect with their kids and have an intelligent conversation about their feelings about issues in this world. And if a parent suspects that something like this could be done by their son, then they should install a mobile spy phone app on his phone right away.

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If you’re the parent of a teen, don’t wait until after the fact. Mobile monitoring is the next wave in both crime prevention and child rearing. Help make sure that you’re keeping your child on the right track by knowing what he’s doing in the real world and digital one with an iPhone tracker software app.

Auto Forward Spy from Pat Stanley on Vimeo.

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