A Closer Look at Top Spy Apps

A great number of spyware are out in the market these days, and most of them claim to be the top spy app. So, how will a consumer know that the software he is getting is worth the price? A detailed review of some of the most raved about spyware will help users avoid malicious and bogus software and ultimately choose the best tool for their purpose.

Top 3 Cell Phone Spyware

  1. Highster Mobile

Highster is considered the best spyware for android phones. Although it works well with all cell phone providers in all countries, Highster is seen to have thought more with android phone features. One need not settle for anything less because Highster works as promised. It only takes about 2 minutes of actual contact with the target phone for the software to be installed. For $29.99/month, consumers get:

  • SMS monitoring even if the log history of messages is deleted
  • Locating through GPS in regular intervals
  • Live control panel that lets the user see all the data details in one display
  • Views and record of all pictures and videos taken and received by the target phone
  • Call log monitoring
  • Browser history in order to know internet activity
  • Other additional features
  1. Auto Forward

Auto Forward is compatible with both apple and android devices and is known as the ultimate backup and data extractor. It can successfully retrieve data that may be lost or inaccessible. It is guaranteed to work or your $19.99/month subscription fee will be refunded. Auto Forward features include:

  • No jailbreak, no access needed, monitors remotely
  • Can retrieve contacts, messages, call history, MMS, pictures, videos, voicemail, calendar entries, notes, app files, saved games, GPS and other data
  1. SurePoint Spy

Remote cell phone tracker, SurePoint Spy, is a trusted monitoring software. It can be used by android and iPhone user alike. For only $29.99/month, consumers get over 24 powerful monitoring features. Some of these features are:

  • SMS and iMessages detailed record
  • GPS tracking that can pinpoint and track exact locations on a map
  • Live monitoring of social media such as Twitter and Facebook
  • Access to contact information
  • Call log monitoring
  • Other additional monitoring services

How to Choose The Best Spy App

Availability of reviews on the internet is one way of knowing what spyware to purchase. Knowing the detailed characteristics of a spy app, its features, compatibility and pricing are needed in order to choose the best one. Free trial versions are also available for consumers to try. Having this on mind before making a decision will let you get the best spy on the phone.

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